Have you seen the new exclusive Pure Flix movie, “Nothing is Impossible“, yet? It’s another good one and one the whole family will love. It has romance, sports, and is all about trusting in God when we feel like our lives haven’t turned out quite the way we wanted it to.

About the NEW Pure Flix Movie, “Nothing is Impossible” 

Take a center-court seat to a journey of transformation as Scott Beck gets a second chance at life and love. Can he let go of past pains and open himself to God’s purpose? Or will new challenges keep him from the future he always hoped for?

Watch the Trailer for “Nothing is Impossible”

Review of ‘Nothing is Impossible” 

“Nothing is Impossible” released on Pure Flix on October 6th, but I just watched it last night and let me tell you, you’re going to love this movie. Yes, the movie is about basketball, but, ladies, even if you’re not a sports fan, this movie has a lot to offer. 

When the movie first begins, we see Scott, who is played by Pure Flix founder, David A.R. White, living in a small trailer, behind on his rent, and dealing with everything in his life going wrong. His truck is broke down, his father is refusing to go to the doctor, and some dog named Lucy has showed up on his doorstep and is causing him issues with the landlord. Life clearly hasn’t been everything Scott had been hoping for it to be and he’s miserable.

That’s when we meet Scott’s best friend who has flunked out of seminary school multiple times but is still dreaming to be a pastor. Scott’s friend soon shows him the news that Scott’s former serious girlfriend and owner of the Silver Knights, Ryan, is holding open tryouts.

Scott soon devises a crazy plan to try out for the Silver Knights, even if he’s the oldest person on the team. Scott tries out for the team and as he’s advancing to the next level, he rekindles his relationship with Ryan.

While this movie has a lot of ups and downs, I don’t want to share too much and spoil the movie with you – you have to watch it. But I will say, the movie ends in a very unexpected way.

Michael and I watched “Nothing is Impossible” together and we both loved it and your family will too!

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