Presque Isle State Park, Pennsylvania’s Only Seashore

by Crystal Carder
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Summer just isn’t summer without a visit to the beach but with all the talk of shark-attacks who wants to get into an ocean? That’s why Presque Isle State Park is the perfect destination for a beach-like feel without a visit to the ocean.

Presque Isle State Park, Pennsylvania’s Only Seashore 82

Located on 3,200 acres, Presque Isle State Park is a free state park and it has so much to offer including history, lighthouses, and Pennsylvania’s only seashore.

Presque Isle State Park, Pennsylvania’s Only Seashore 83

During our visit to Erie, we spent quite a bit of time at Presque Isle State Park. It was probably one of the best places to be in Erie for gorgeous views and picturesque sunsets.

Presque Isle State Park, Pennsylvania’s Only Seashore 84

Presque Isle Lighthouses

While on Presque Isle we spent some time searching for the three Erie Lighthouses. Though I would love to say this was easy, the Isle clearly did not make it easy to find any of the lighthouses except for the first white one. Other than that, it’s kind of a scavenger hunt finding all three.

In fact, we actually made the mistake of thinking we found all three lighthouses, but we later found out, the one lighthouse we found, wasn’t actually one of the three Erie lighthouses, instead it was just the Waterworks Lighthouse. The third Presque Isle Lighthouse was actually off the isle back near the Erie Bayfront.

Presque Isle State Park, Pennsylvania’s Only Seashore 85

Searching for the lighthouse on the Isle was probably one of the coolest things we did just because I feel like we really had to explore everything on the Isle. Though our favorite lighthouse was the black and white lighthouse, it was probably the hardest of the three to find, but definitely worth the hunt.

Presque Isle Beaches

One of the best things about Presque Isle State Park is the extensive amount of beaches on the isle. The isle has a lot of areas with beach access, so the beaches there aren’t overwhelmingly full of people. This makes the beach a perfect place to enjoy a relaxing evening in Erie.

During our time on the beaches, we spent time collecting rocks, playing in the water, and building sandcastles on the sandy beaches.

Presque Isle State Park, Pennsylvania’s Only Seashore 86

Though we are not rock collectors, we loved collecting rocks on the beaches. There were so many rocks to collect, that I recommend bringing a small bag to carry them all.

For those who like to swim in the water, Presque Isle Beaches even have lifeguards on duty, during most times in the day.

Visitor Center at Presque Isle

Before you head into Presque Isle State Park, I recommend stopping by the free, Presque Isle Visitor Center, the Tom Ridge Environmental Center. Here you can learn everything you need to know about the isle including the animals that live there and the history of the isle.

The free admission visitor’s center even offers a 75′ climbing tower that gives a beautiful view of the isle.

Tom Ridge Environmental Center at Presque Isle

While you visit the Tom Ridge Environmental Center, be sure to leave at least an hour for your whole visit because there is a lot to do there.

Whenever you are in Erie, I highly recommend visiting Presque Isle State Park, even if it’s only for a few minutes.

To learn more about this state park and to view current beach warnings visit the park’s website HERE.

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Presque Isle State Park

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