Tips On How You Can Start Preparing for Thanksgiving And Free Thanksgiving Day Planner Printable

by Crystal Carder
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The holidays are only weeks away, but if you’re like me, you’ve already started preparing for Thanksgiving. If you’re lucky enough to be in charge of preparing Thanksgiving dinner for the whole family this year, don’t freak out. Preparing a whole Thanksgiving dinner can actually be easier than it sounds.

It doesn’t have to be stressful, just follow some of these Thanksgiving preparedness tips and be sure to print the free Thanksgiving Day Planner Printable when you’re done.

How to Prepare Thanksgiving Day Dinner With Minimal Stress

Shop Early and Plenty

Preparing a Thanksgiving day meal for a whole family can be very expensive. Help keep Thanksgiving Day cost at the bare minimum by purchasing your items throughout the end of October and November. Not only will shopping plenty help divert the cost of the Thanksgiving meal, but it will also help keep you from standing in long lines at the grocery store. I recommend only waiting to buy your turkey since most deals on turkeys happen the week of Thanksgiving and buying everything else ahead of time.

Enlist Help

Thanksgiving Day meals take a lot of work. If you end up getting put in charge of the big family-meal, don’t panic. Instead handle what you can and ask for others to help with what you can’t handle or afford. Most of the time guest will just be glad not to have to go through the hassle of making an entire Thanksgiving mess that they will gladly bring a covered dish.

Practice Your Recipes Ahead of Time

No one likes to show up to Thanksgiving dinner and be served a burnt turkey, practice your cooking skills and recipes ahead of time to ensure this doesn’t happen. By the time Thanksgiving rules around, you should have grandma’s recipes perfected and dinner will be one guest talk about all year.

Don’t Invite More People Than You Can Handle

I know we all love to invite our families and friends to Thanksgiving, but there are some times you just can’t afford to, or don’t have the space to. While this isn’t something you can control, don’t promise something you can’t handle and back out last minute. Not only could you ruin someone else’s Thanksgiving, but you’ll also lose your trust to do anything ever again.

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, so this year make it fun, make it happy, and most of all, don’t stress it!

Use my Thanksgiving Day Planner below on Thanksgiving Day to help you stay on track and have the BEST Thanksgiving ever!


[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”Thanksgiving Day Planner”]

Print the Thanksgiving Day Planner HERE.

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