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Potty Training Essentials While on the Road

Potty training a child is hard but, nothing is quite like the torture of potty training a child while they are in the car.

I remember the dread of taking any car ride when my first son was potty training. But now that my third child is potty training, things seem a whole lot easier now! USA, LLC

Potty training


I have found these items to be ESSENTIAL while on the road:

1. Lysol – My daughter loves to touch things while we’re in the bathroom. Since I can’t stop her, I keep Lysol wipes/spray handy. Lysol kills all that bad bacteria and gives me peace of mind.

2. Change of clothes – When potty training, there are bound to be accidents. Toddlers will forget to tell you they have to go or they will wait until the last minute to tell you. I suggest packing a few changes of clothes for times like those. (F.Y.I full outfits include; pants, socks, undies and a shirt)

3. Air freshener – With a potty training toddler, things are bound to get stinky. I suggest bringing air freshener and keeping it in the vehicle at all times.

4. Toilet Paper – Sometimes as parents, we have no other choice than to pull over in an uncanny place so your child can take a bathroom break.  I try to always pack some type of toilet paper or wipe and a plastic baggy for times when my little ones really have to go and we can’t make it to a toilet.

5. Blanket or Towel – There have been times when my little ones have had an accident in their seat and their seat got soaked. Since you can’t change their clothes and then sit them back on top of a wet, stinky seat, I always pack a small hand towel or something to put under my child’s butt until we can get home.

6. A pull-up – Okay, so I am technically not a fan of putting a potty training toddler back in a pull-up once they’ve been in underwear for so long but, I have found one exception. If you plan to be in traffic or somewhere your child won’t be able to get out to pee right away and your child’s already gone through all of the changes of clothes, putting a pull-up on can be very helpful until you get into a better location.

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