PlaSmart’s NEW Watermelon Ball JR Brings Fun to the Pool Like Never Before!

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Summertime is almost coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t time to try out the new summer pool toy that everyone is talking about, the Watermelon Ball Jr. from PlaSmart.


Designed to look, feel, and mimic a real watermelon in the pool, the Watermelon Ball Jr. is fun for kids ages 6 and older. With it’s bright colors, you won’t have trouble finding it in the pool, plus it is so versatile that you can play a ton of games with it including, football, basketball, and rugby.

And, did I mention, the ball even dribbles underwater?!

We used the Watermelon Ball Jr. at a family member’s pool and we had so much fun! This ball was so easy to fill with water and it came with all the essentials needed to fill it up.

Watermelon Ball Jr is filled up with water instead of air

Whenever the ball was filled with water, the ball didn’t even leak any water, at all! It’s vinyl design held water so well, that it is still filled and ready to be used the next time we head to the pool. 

The kids had so much fun throwing the Watermelon Ball Jr. in the water, that we took turns diving for it and tried our hand at passing it around in the water like football. Since the Watermelon Ball Jr. was so much fun, I decided to create this short video so you can see how much fun it is, too! Check it out below:

The Watermelon Ball Jr. is the perfect pool toy for your next pool party, or summer outing. If you would like to check it out, head over to PlaSmart’s website. Learn more about PlaSmart and new products coming out by following their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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the Watermelon Ball Jr from PlaSmart looks feels and mimics real watermelon in the water

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