Our Honest Review of PillPack

by Crystal Carder
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This is NOT a sponsored post. I am simply sharing this post because this company has helped me and I believe it could help you! This post contains affiliate links which pay me a small amount of money whenever you make a purchase through one of the said links. 

Ever since we moved back in with my parents, I take care of my father’s medication list and his pills. Even though he could probably handle it, I’m not sure he would have a clue what he was doing, nor would millions of other Americans who rely on someone to get their pills ready every day. That’s why I was excited when I saw a commercial for a new Amazon Company, PillPack pop up on my television.

What is PillPack?

PillPack does exactly what I have wished pharmacies would do, years ago! Designed for folks, like my father, who takes multiple pills every day, PillPack takes the worry out of getting the pills to your loved ones at the right time.

Our Honest Review of PillPack 81

A full-service pharmacy, PillPack delivers a simpler, better experience through convenient packaging, modern technology, and personalized service.

Though the company was acquired by Amazon in 2018, PillPack is an independently operated subsidiary of Amazon.

Our Experience with PillPack

After watching the commercial for PillPack, I told Michael about it and we decided to give it a try. After all, PillPack is free, the only thing we would have to pay to try it was our regular insurance deductibles, so we had nothing to lose by trying it – except of course, long waits at the pharmacy.

After going to PillPack’s website, everything was pretty self-explanatory, so we clicked on the link and decided to get started. Still a little hesitant, we knew we didn’t have to hit submit on the application and we could at least see what PillPack was all about. We were sure there had to be a catch somewhere…

The online application to get started with PillPack is really effortless. It starts out with adding your name, your address, insurance cards, and your doctor’s information. It even MAKES it easier and pulls in most of your doctor’s information after you enter their name and location.

If for some reason you may not want to complete the application by yourself, PillPack even gives you the option to invite a caregiver to help you fill out your application. 

Once your finished filling out your prescription medications, PillPack even allows you to add over the counter medications like Baby Aspirin and vitamins to your pack. While these extra medications may cost, the prices are still really affordable. In fact, we added Baby Aspirin to Michael’s PillPack and it only cost us a little more than $3 every month.

After you have added all your medications and are happy with your application, you will then be asked how you want to receive your prescriptions. You can choose the free option where your pills come in a disposable box, or for a one time fee, get a trendy box that you can store your PillPack in. (For Michael’s box we just did the free disposable option.)

Fortunately, if you miss any medications, PillPack verifies all your information with your doctors, so you don’t accidentally get the wrong medications.

For Michael’s PillPack, I was even surprised that PillPack handles Michael’s monthly insulin vials.

Receiving Your PillPack

After hitting submit on your application, it does take a week to 2 weeks to receive your medications in the mail (though times may vary). Fortunately, PillPack does do a good job keeping you up-to-date on the status of your shipment. 

Unfortunately, though, if you just filled a prescription at your local pharmacy, your first few weeks of pills may be missing those pills and you’ll have to be sure to add them manually every day. While it may be a bit of a headache, once PillPack gets started and has a chance to become your full-time pill supplier, it is so handy! 

Our Honest Review of PillPack 82

Michael’s PillPack has made the headache of taking medications so much easier. We no longer have to deal with annoying pill organizers because PillPack does everything for you! Each time you pull a new pack of pills off your PillPack, it will have the name of each pill inside the pack and what time you’re supposed to take your pills. This even makes it so much easier to remember whether or not you actually took your pills because if you didn’t your pill pack will still be on your box of pills.

Although we haven’t dealt with changing prescriptions at PillPack, so far we love PillPack! If we have a question, we can even chat with them or call, anytime we need to. Even if you don’t take multiple pills every day, if you have a loved one who does, you should sign them up for PillPack, so you can feel comfortable knowing they are getting the right pills at the right time.

If  you haven’t tried PillPack yet, seriously, what are you waiting on?  To learn more about PillPack visit their website HERE.

I am not affiliated with PillPack in any way. As with any medications you may take, always double check them before taking them.

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