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Your Kids Will Have So Much Fun Using PicassoTiles® Hoverball and Flying Helicopter

I partnered with Picasso Tiles in exchange for this post. I received a free item, but all opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

Summertime is just months away. If you’ve already found yourself looking for things your kids can do while they are out of school, this post is for you!

Fun with PicassoTiles®

I recently discovered PicassoTiles® and I cannot believe I haven’t heard of them sooner! PicassoTiles offers many products that encourage your child’s creativity, imagination, and provide hours of fun.

We were fortunate to try out the PicassoTiles® Soccer Hoverball and the PicassoTiles® Flying Ball Helicopter Toy Drone and we were impressed.

#ad Your Kids Will Have So Much Fun Using PicassoTiles® Hoverball and Flying Helicopter

PicassoTiles® Hoverball

If you’ve never used a Hoverball, you’re missing out! Hoverballs are super fun and very cool to play with. Designed to hoover above the ground, the PicassoTiles® Hoverball operates simply with 4 AA batteries. Using it, is as easy as flipping the a switch to ON.

The PicassoTiles® Hoverball takes a new and fun twist on the game of soccer and adds hours of endless fun.

Since we received the Hoverball, our whole family has been playing it. With the ball’s bump and scratch-free foam, all around the edges, this ball can be played inside and is very gentle on both walls and furniture.

If you decide to play with PicassoTiles® Hoverball in the dark or at night, you’re really in for a treat because this ball lights up and makes playing it even more fun!

Our favorite thing about the Hoverball is that everyone can play it. There is no learning curve to this game and you literally just kick it gently like a soccer ball.

PicassoTiles® Hoverball is great, all around, but be prepared to have lots of batteries in stock because this thing goes through them. You can learn more about this product at Amazon.

PicassoTiles® Flying Ball Helicopter

The PicassoTiles® Flying Ball Helicopter is one of the most unique toys I have ever tried. This flying ball requires no remote controls and is small enough to land in your hand. Charge it in the wall or via USB with the included plugin and you can easily have a good 15 or so minutes of fun on one charge.

The Flying Helicopter uses motion sensor infrared suspension technology to detect hands underneath and flies away from objects on it’s own. While you are playing with this little helicopter, you can watch it flashing with it’s built in LED lighting and have hours of fun, even in the dark.

We have used PicassoTiles® Flying Helicopter Drone both indoors and outside, but I would recommend using it indoors more than outdoors. While this helicopter doesn’t seem to break easily or anything, I think its much easier to play with it indoors, in an enclosed environment.

The Flying Helicopter Drone from PicassoTiles® is an item that my kids and I both love. There is no learning curve to using it, it keeps a decent amount of charge, and it can literally fit in the palm of a hand. To learn more about the Flying Helicopter, check it out on Amazon.

To learn more about PicassoTiles® and everything they have to offer, check out their website and be sure to follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to see their latest news.

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