Peter Rabbit: Let’s Go! Kid’s App Review

by Crystal Carder
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Do you have a Peter Rabbit fan in your house? If you do, then you are going to love the brand new app, Peter Rabbit: Let’s Go developed by Penguin Ventures (part of Penguin Random House).

Peter Rabbit: Let's Go

About Peter Rabbit: Let’s Go

Join Peter Rabbit and his friends Benjamin and Lily in their search for the pages of Peter’s dads lost journal. Along the way. let your child explore a multitude of iconic landmarks and locations including Mr. McGregor’s Garden, Mr. Tod’s house, and, even, Peter Rabbit’s home. Including an array of interactive activities like; fun spelling games, musical task, number challenges, and creative picture coloring, your child will have endless hours of fun!

The NEW! app, Peter Rabbit: Let’s Go aims to give fans of the Peter Rabbit show the most authentic experience. Including high-quality 3-D graphics, lifelike animations, and original voice talents, this app brings Peter Rabbit to life.

Available on both Android and Apple devices, you can download the app for just $2.99. Plus, unlike other games, once you make the purchase, you will never have to worry about your child needing more money to play the app. Peter Rabbit: Let’s Go! features no in-app purchases or adverts, meaning you can let your child play without the fear of additional payments!

Check out this video of the app below:


Peter Rabbit: Let’s Go Review From My Kids

My kids were never obsessed with Peter Rabbit, but when we got the app, Peter Rabbit: Let’s Go, they were eager to try it. As soon as we opened the app, we were shocked by how great the graphics were. The 3-D animations make the characters look so real that once you start playing, you feel like you are in the game too!

Although some of the games are geared towards younger children who are between the ages of 4-6, my 8-year-old still liked playing with this app. In fact, one of his favorite games was the Balloon Bouncing game, while my other two kids loved the musical game and coloring pages. One thing we loved with this app, was the fact that my kids could choose between Peter Rabbit characters, my daughter could even play Lily, while my sons could choose between Peter and Benjamin.

Other than the fact that this game has no other purchases, once you pay for it, I love the fact that it is a safe, child-friendly app that I don’t have to monitor while they play.

If you are looking for a fun and entertaining app for kids, Peter Rabbit: Let’s Go is it!

Download it now on Android and Apple devices.

Peter rabbit lets go app


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