Packing for a Week Long Vacation: What to Pack for a Toddler

by Crystal Carder
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This month my family will be embarking on a week long vacation to the sunshine state. Although, my family has gone on a lot of trips before, one question that I always hear people asking is: what should I pack for my toddler? 

Even though, I sometimes pack too much, here are the items I pack for my toddler :

Diapers and wipes (I suggest a pack almost the size of this one)

Baby toothbrush and toothpaste  (most hotels will provide these free,but if your child is picky, I recommend packing your own).

A Jacket and/or Sweatshirt– My children own a winter coat ,similar to this one, so we will let them wear it while we are driving through the snow and once we get to warmer areas, we pull out the attachment and use it as needed. In the past, we have endured some colder trips to Florida, so we always know cold weather can be a possibility.

An Outfit for Every Day of the Week + 1/2 That, I normally pack my daughter at least one outfit for each day of vacation. I then divide that number of days in half and take that many outfits with. For example: if we’re going on vacation for 7 days, I pack 7 outfits plus 3 or 4 more. This ensures that I will have an extra outfit for her if I decide I don’t like one, one doesn’t fit or she gets one dirty.

A Swimsuit or Two. I normally pack my toddler at least two of swimsuits. This way, if one gets wet, we always have an extra.

A Pack ‘n Play. If your child can’t sleep on a bed without tumbling, putting them on a hotel bed can be dangerous. And, hotel floors are not any better. My husband and I always pack a pack n’ play to keep our daughter safe from falls and from dust mites that may be on the hotel floor.

Special Blankies, Binkies, and Toys. My daughter will not leave home without a blanket or a binkie, so I normally pack 5 or so binkies (because they do get lost) and at least 1 of her precious blankies. These are some of the most important things to pack your toddler and may even help your toddler sleep in a hotel.

1 to 2 Pairs of Jeans, believe it or not, I have been to Florida when the weather was only in the low 50’s and we were froze. I always pack at least 1 or 2 pairs of jeans in case of colder weather and for the ride back home.

Socks, Sandals, and Tennis Shoes. I always pack my walking shoes for days when my family will be walking a lot and just in case we end up having to wear jeans. I suggest packing at least a pair of tennis shoes and a pair of socks for each day of vacation.

Special Medicines or Vitamins. One of the most important things for kids who are on daily medication, do not forget their medicine!

Hats, Sunscreen and Hair Accessories, this is kind of self -explanatory, but if you’re gonna be at the beach, make sure you pack sun-protecting items, so your little one don’t end up with a nasty sun burn.

I know that sounds like a LOT of stuff, but toddlers really do require a TON of things for vacation. What are some of the items you pack your toddler on vacation, any that I forgot?

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