Oh, What A Week! Weekly Recap

by Crystal Carder
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Hey guys, we finally made it to the weekend, yay! This week has been absolutely crazy! If you read last week’s weekly recap, you might remember me saying my father was having a major surgery this week?

Well he had that and things went well. My dad is home now, still in pain, and we are waiting on healing to begin happening.

Now that that’s out of the way, let me tell you all about the week. It definitely was one I will never forget.

Sunday, was the day before my father’s surgery. And, since we live basically in the middle of nowhere,  my father had to go to Randallstown, Maryland to have his surgery. That meant it would be a 3 hour drive to get there.

So, that morning parents decided to get a hotel closer to Randallstown and they left bright and early.

Since the weather was going to be nice and I was beginning to get a little cranky being inside so long, our family decided to go for a small ride. About an hour into our ride, my mother texted my sisters and I, in a group message, to let us know they made it safely to a hotel.

We were all writing back and forth, so I wasn’t too concerned when my phone started dinging. So, when curiousity finally got the best of me and I picked up my phone, the unimaginable was on it. We think my brother died. 

My heart sank. I couldn’t fumble my fingers fast enough. My poor mom was 3 hours away and there was nothing she could do. Her younger brother had passed away. Massive heart attack.  We were all in shock.

The day went on, but honestly it was so shocking that I couldn’t wrap my head around it. My uncle had just been on Facebook that morning.

Monday, was the day of my father’s surgery, and I knew I had to be there. So, that morning, at 1 am, I woke up, got dressed and loaded myself and 3 sleeping kids in the car.

We made it to the hospital, just in time. It was 5:30 and my parents were already checking in. The kids surprising were pretty happy for being awake so early.

At around 7 o’clock, my father was finally wheeled back to surgery. And, my mom was almost beside herself; waiting on news about her brother’s funeral and my dad’s surgery.

My dad’s surgery took what seemed like forever. 5 and a half hours. When the doctor came out, he said things went really well, so my mother went back to see him. They eventually let my boys and me go back, but poor Zoey had to wait with my mother. My father was in so much pain and I felt so bad.

Soon after, we decided there wasn’t much we could do, so we left and headed back home. We got home around 6 pm and we were exhausted!

The next day, was my uncle’s first viewing. And, my parents were caught in a bind. My mother wanted to be there for her brother, but she needed to be with my dad. My poor dad was in so much pain.

I eventually decided that I would stay with my father while my mom paid her respects to her brother. Things were pretty rough for him that night and I felt so bad for him.

Wednesday was my uncle’s longer service. 2 to 4 and 7 to 9. And, I knew I wanted to go to one, so we did. Unfortunately, the kids were a little too antsy, so we didn’t stay long, but we were there long enough that it was rough.

The next day, was Thursday and it was so cold and windy out. My uncle’s service was at 11 am, so we went.

The rest of the day was kind of a blur, I don’t really remember what we did.

Friday, yesterday, I was supposed to work, but my dad got sick and since he had just gotten out of the hospital,  we all thought he may would have to go back to the hospital. So, I ended up canceling my work day and staying home.

We didn’t do much that day, but we finally did get the Christmas tree up. The kids weren’t the best decorators, but they had so much fun!

The kids are so excited for Christmas, so now we just play the waiting game.

Romans 6:23 – For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. 


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