Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas for a 7-Year-Old Boy

by Crystal Carder
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My soon to be seven-year-old son is at that age where he’s right in the middle of not wanting things too kiddy, but still too young for ‘big’ kid things. This year for his non-candy Easter basket ideas, I was seriously having a hard time coming up with things to put in it.

Thankfully, a quick search on eBay almost immediately gave me some new ideas. If you’re having trouble picking out things a 7-year old boy would love in his Easter basket, this list has you covered.

Non-candy Easter Basket Ideas for a 7-Year Old Boy

Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas for a 7-Year-Old Boy 81

Rain Boots

With rainy weather, seven-year-olds still have a lot of energy to wear out. That’s why rain boots are perfect for spring weather. Use them for fishing, playing in the muddy yard, and gardening. You seriously can’t go wrong with a new pair of rain boots for your seven-year-old son.


Seven-year-old boys are constantly growing. That’s why Easter makes the perfect time to buy things your child needs and pass them off as an Easter gift.

Sports Balls

By seven, your son most likely has finally taken a ‘real’ interest in playing sports – no more playing in the outfield. Sports balls of all sorts are perfect for kids’ non-candy Easter basket. Add some baseballs, basketballs and maybe even golf balls and you’ll be all set for a time at the park.

Magnetic Stix

Since there are still a lot of rainy days in spring, magnetic stix are a great idea. If you already have magnetic blocks, magnetic stixs are a bit different and loads of fun.

Little Blue Truck Book

Thankfully, seven is not too old to love bedtime stories. That’s why the Little Blue Truck books make a great Easter idea. These books by Alice Shertle are all about Little Blue Truck and kids love them! Collect one or buy the whole series online at Amazon.

Classic Steel Tonka Toys

No Easter basket is complete without a classic steel Tonka Toy. These toys are a bit more expensive but are durable and last for years. Little boys can play with them inside or use them in sandboxes and dig up the dirt with them in the summer. These toys are literally hours of fun imagination for little boys.

Bicycle Helmet

By now your son probably rides a bike without training wheels, so a new bicycle helmet is always a great Easter basket idea. With fun characters always available, my seven-year-old loves to ride his bike and I love knowing he is safe.

Youth Fishing Combo

By age seven, your little slugger will love fishing. That’s why a brand new fishing combo could really help get your child excited for being outdoors. There are a ton of youth fishing combos available, so be sure to find one in a color he’ll love.

These non-candy Easter ideas should make your seven-year-old son one very happy boy on Easter morning. For more Easter basket ideas check out my gift guides section of my blog.

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