Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas for 9-Year Old Boys

by Crystal Carder
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My nine-year-old son is getting that age where the Easter Bunny won’t be making many more visits. He’s starting to realize there’s a lot about Easter Bunnies and Santa Clauses that don’t make sense. I’m not ready to tell him differently, so until he figures it out on his own, I’m keeping my mouth shut.

Since he’s nine this year, we’re kind of out of the stage where he likes candy, so rather than fill his basket up with a bunch of stuff he doesn’t want and I don’t need, this year, I’m buying him these non-candy Easter basket ideas that he will love. Each of these non-candy items is inexpensive, fun, and loved by 9-year-old boys.

Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas for Boys

Non-Candy easter ideas 9 year old boy

1. Grossery Gang Surprise Pack

I don’t know what it is about these little Grossery Gang Surprise Packs, but my kids love them! With 150 styles to collect, there’s a good chance your child won’t open the same surprise pack twice.

Grossery Gang Surprise Packs come with two Grossery Gangs inside for double the fun! 

2. 5,000 Awesome Facts (About Everything) 2 Book

My son is to that age where he can finally read good enough and he actually wants to. My 9-year old loves to learn new and exciting facts, so he’ll love Nation Geographic’s 5,000 Awesome Facts (About Everything) 2 Book. This book is a boredom buster book featuring fun topics kids love! 

3. LED Headlight Flashlight

Between late nights outside and camping, my 9-year old cannot wait for summer break. That’s why a LED Headlight Flashlight is a perfect non-candy idea for his Easter basket. This one from Amazon even features a red strobe light and 4 modes of light that my son will love playing with.

4. Powerbait

This summer I want the kids to want to go outside and get off their tablets. That’s why Powerbait is the perfect option for a 9-year old’s Easter basket. Powerbait is a great way to help your son to love fishing and its easy enough for young kids to use and learn to bait their own hooks.

5. John Deere Work Gloves

My kids love to dig in the dirt and work with their hands outside, that’s why these adorable John Deere Work Gloves will make the perfect addition to their Easter baskets. These gloves are made of faux leather and are almost exactly like the gloves John Deere makes for adults.

6. Gelli Baff from Zimpli Kids

Our kids loved Gelli Baff from Zimpli Kids a few months ago when we reviewed it, so it’s a perfect addition for this year’s Easter basket. Not only will it make the task of getting him into the bath easier, but it’s so much fun too! 

7. Monopoly Gamer

We may have already played Monopoly a zillion times with our kids, but my 9-year old loves Monopoly. That’s why I think the Monopoly Gamer game is perfect for his basket. It encourages family time together and it has his favorite Mario characters, so I know he will love it!

8. A Funny T-Shirt

My 9-year old son loves to tell jokes. That’s why this shirt from Epic Birthday Gifts for Boys & Girls Co. is perfect for him. It will make him laugh reading “Epic Since April 2010.” He’s always calling himself epic. This brand seems to have a good many shirts for kids of all ages.

9. Boys Under Armour Slide Sandals

Easter is the perfect time to gift those necessities that kids need and you know you have to buy sooner or later. With summer right around the corner, these Under Armour Slide Sandals are my pick of sandals for my 9-year old. These sandals are stylish, easy to wear, and available in many styles and colors.

I hope your kids love these non-candy Easter basket ideas as much as I know my kids will! Stay tuned for Easter Gift Guides for boys age 7 and girls age 5 coming soon!

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Non candy Easter ideas for a 9 year old boy


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