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What No One Tells You About Your Child’s First Week of Kindergarten


What no one ever talks about the first week of kindergarten

When my son started kindergarten last year, I was shattered. My son had never been away from my eyesight for more than five minutes since he was born and I was being forced to leave my son for eight hours a day. While it eventually got better, I cannot believe a number of things I never knew would happen when he went to school. Like; USA, LLC

Crying would happen. I cried for days. And, I’m not talking a few tears here and there, I’m talking full on ugly crying.

I envied the school lunch lady. I know lunch ladies seem to be the butt of every school joke, but when my son went to school, I actually realized the true beauty of your job – you get to be in the same place as my kid. After coming to that realization, I may or may not have done a quick job search for lunch ladies at my son’s school.

I hated my son’s teacher. When my son came home from school and told me he got in trouble for scribbling, I immediately thought she was being too harsh. I eventually realized if I wanted this whole kindergarten thing to work, I would have to trust that his teacher would know what she was doing.

Keeping up with his day was hard to follow. When my son came home all excited to tell me about his day, I couldn’t wait. But as his story grew it was hard to follow. At first, he said he didn’t make friends, but then, he said he made ten friends. Keeping up with a kindergartner is definitely a lot harder to follow than parents let on.

Packing him a nutritious lunch took a lot of negotiating. My son is a very picky eater, so when kindergarten started, I left it up to him to pick out his lunch food. Unfortunately, that meant all he wanted was junk food. After some negotiating (and fighting), I finally got him to pick some healthier options. This year, though, I’m leaving the lunches up to Juicy Juice. Juicy Juice has all the yummy flavors like Apple, Berry and Fruit Punch, but contains no high fructose corn syrup, no cane sugar, and no artificial sweeteners! Not only will my son have a better, healthier drink, but with Juicy Juice’s website, I can find yummy food recipes – all made from the goodness of Juicy Juice.


The house suddenly seemed cleaner and quieter. While I guess the clean house wasn’t a horrible thing, not having two little feet playing and making a mess, suddenly made things more lonesome.

Sending them to school will soon become your saving grace. And, that’s okay. Soon your child will have tons of friends and you’ll get to watch your child grow into an amazing little person.

Tell me what is one thing no one ever told you about the 1st week of Kindergarten? 

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