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NIV The Plans I Have for You Holy Bible Review

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*Disclosure: I received a sample of The Plans I Have for You Holy Bible, regardless, all opinions are my own.

Hey guys, today I received The Plans I Have for You Holy Bible. My little boy is home sick today, so I let him tell me everything he likes about it.

At first, he pointed out how shiny this bible is. The front cover has a picture of kids and kites and the kites are pretty shiny. You can even kind of see in the picture below, how hard it was to get a good picture of this bible.

On the back side, of this hardcover bible, there wasn’t too much he had to say about this bible, but he was quick to point out his name on the backside. The author, Vanessa Brantley-Newton, has his first name in her name, so that’s always exciting for a little one to find their name.

 As a mom, I love reading about all the features this Bible has like:

  • 25 Promise Prayers
  • 100 Highlighted Verses
  • 50 God’s Big Plans that tell how God had big plans for people in the bible and people as a whole.
  • An Introduction from Amy Parker, the author of The Plans I Have for You Holy Bible. 
  • Presentation page
  • Index to all the features
  • 2-color art from Vanessa Brantley-Newton

Inside The Plans I Have for You bible, it really looks like other bible does, except for a few illustrated pages.

Although Zonderkidz offers an NIrV bible for kids that is easy to understand, this bible uses the classic, NIV. While I personally like the New International Version, I would assume this bible is geared more towards older children who may already have some knowledge of the bible.

While my children enjoyed The Plans I Have for You bible, I think  I’ll donate it to an older child, who is between 10-14 years old because I feel like they will get more use out of it.

The Plans I Have for You Bible is a great bible for young children and I would recommend it as a great resource for them. I would only recommend not using this bible as your child’s only source for learning about God.

If you would like to look at your The Plans I Have for You Bible and read more reviews, I recommend finding it HERE.

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