NIV Revolution Bible The Bible For Teen Guys Review

by Crystal Carder
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*Disclaimer: I received a copy of NIV Revolution Bible The Bible for Teen Guys in exchange for my honest review. This post contains affiliate links.

My oldest son is seven and lately, I’ve been seeing something so wonderful in him. He has a love for God that burns bright. He aims to get his hands on any information I can feed him about God and the Bible and it is so wonderful.  So, when I got the new NIV Revolution Bible from Zondervan, I couldn’t stop thinking about all the teenage men who may be looking to learn about God.

About the NIV Revolution Bible for Teen Guys

Explore what it means to live a revolutionary life for God with the help of the NIV Revolution Bible. Packed with challenging insights, smart advice, and open discussion about today’s contemporary cultural issues, this best-selling Bible empowers young men ages 13-18 to ask big questions, discover fresh perspectives and impact others while living their faith on the edge.

Teens will discover how to impact a broken and diverse world with fresh perspectives on a variety of faith-related issues. Their life, their relationships, their community: it’s all a big deal, and it takes a big, God-filled heart to make a difference. A revolution of the heart isn’t about how popular or tough they are. It’s about what God can do in them and through them. This newly updated edition uses the accurate, readable, and clear NIV translation and includes features strategically designed to empower teen guys in their quest for truth.

My Review

The teenage years can be hard for any young person, so giving them their own special Bible filled with special passages and notes is a wonderful thing. The NIV Revolution Bible gives teen guys the chance to help find God’s plan for their life and discover God’s truth on various topics. I think this is a great thing to be included in any Bible, especially one meant for young teen guys. By teenage years most young guys are already facing these two questions, so what better guide for them to look at than the Bible.

Besides answering some of the biggest life questions, this Bible has many more great features like; in-depth book introductions and 12-full colored pages that show life-impacting ideas. While I sometimes dislike extra stuff inside of the Bible, I do feel the things added in this Bible were perfect for the intended age group and those who may be reading it.  

The NIV Revolution Bible is written in the easier to read New International Version which is also a plus for this Bible because it is one of my more favorite Bible versions.

The NIV Revolution Bible is available at most bookstores and online at Amazon.


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