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NIV Holy Bible for Girls: Journal Edition Review

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*Disclosure – crystalcarder.com received a sample of this Bible in exchange for her honest review. This post contains affiliate links, please see my disclosure policy.

When you’re a mom, you want your kids to want to learn God’s word. But, you can’t force them to want them to read it. That’s why, I’m counting on The NIV My Journal Holy Bible for Girls to help the special girls in my life.

The NIV Holy Bible My Journal Edition is almost guaranteed to make your daughter or niece want to pick it up. With a pretty pink, flowery, hardcover backing, this bible’s design will appeal to girls of all ages.

The NIV Holy Bible for Girls is more than just a Bible, it’s a Journal, as well. By allowing girls to write what they are feeling while they are reading the Bible, they can apply God’s word to their everyday life. 


While this Bible has a great concept to, one con of this Bible is it’s size. Even though it’s small enough to fit in a purse, it’s layout could use a little work.

As you can see, on each page of the Girl’s Holy Bible, there is a space for girls to write or draw their feelings. But, what you may not be able to see, is that in order to put this space in the Bible, the Bible sacrifices font size. In fact, the words in this Bible use such a small font, that if your child has any sight problems, they may have to strain really hard to read God’s word.

Although, I absolutely love the concept of the NIV Holy Bible for Girls, I do believe the only selling point for this Bible is the fact that it is pretty.

While the NIV Holy Bible for Girls Journal Edition may not be my first choice for my Bible, I would gladly buy it as a gift for the girls in my life because I know they would at least open it.

I would recommend this Bible for girls ages 12 to young adulthood.

If you would like to learn more about the NIV Holy Bible for Girls or purchase it, go HERE.

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