NIV Faithlife Study Bible From Zondervan Review

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Bibles are one of the most complex books. There’s so much you can learn from one, but it can take a lot of research to understand the bible. Without the right resources, it can become confusing trying to study the Bible on your own. USA, LLC

The NIV Faithlife Study Bible by Zondervan helps to feed your curiousity. This bible has so many special study features, that it makes it easier to learn God’s word and the stories of the Bible. 

Some features of this bible include:

  • In-depth book introductions
  • Verse-by-verse study notes 
  • Informative contributions from scholars and best-selling authors
  • Over 100 innovative full-color inforgraphics, comprehensive timelines, and informative tables 
  • 3 detailed life event timelines of Jesus’s life
  • 27 family trees and people diagrams to illustrate interconnections of the people in the Bible. 

Since I’ve been doing bible studies these past couple weeks, I’ve been more curious about certain parts in the Bible. 

The NIV Faithlife Study Bible helps feed that curiousity and makes it easier to understand certain stories. Stories that I’ve read hundreds of times in the past and thought I knew, I quickly realized I didn’t know. 

The story of the Israelites coming out of the desert with Moses, is one of those stories. In the story, I knew the people started to get mad and curse God, but I never realized God actually sent snakes and killed some of them. 

The Faithlife Study Bible is a very good Bible to help learn parts of the Bible, even ones that you think you knew. 

Besides just detailed pictures, this bible also features verse-by-verse study notes which make the bible easier to understand. 

I haven’t really found anything in the Faithlife Study Bible that seemed to strike me as being off with other bibles, so I would recommend it as a great Study Bible. 

While my version of this bible is in the hardcover backing, it is also available in imitation-leather backing.  Overall, though, this is really a great bible. 

If you would like to read more about it and check it out, follow this link: 

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