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NIV Faith & Work Bible Review

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If you watch the news or even scroll Facebook, you’ve probably heard about the numerous attacks on our police officers. Just the other week, in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, an attack took place that killed another officer. It’s hard to imagine that God can still be there with our officers, but he is. 
The Faith & Work Bible combines doctrine, scriptures and stories of real-life experiences to answer the question, How Does My Faith Relate to My Work?

When I first got this Bible, I was eager to see how this Bible put faith and work together.

The Faith & Work Bible has 75 deeper real-life work stories that demonstrate how people, like us, overcame challenges and found strength and encouragement in their work.

While reading this Bible, I was moved by all the stories. In fact, one particular story spoke about a man who was scared to start his own business, but followed his faith and took the leap.

Although, I can’t say I’m ready to take the leap, I was pretty impressed how that man’s faith lead him to work that he loved and he eventually succeeded with God’s help.

This Bible has so much to offer all those who can’t find God at work, and it even comes in a beautiful hardcover Edition.

The Faith & Work Bible has:

  • 66 Book Introductions
  • 75 Deeper at work stories
  • 45 Core doctrine orders from Christian leaders from throughout the ages.
  • 31-day journey to help you understand the scripture.
  • Forward by Tim Keller.

Zondervan’s NIV Faith & Work Bible has been a real eye-opening Bible. I would recommend it to anyone who is trying to find God in their work.

If you would like to check out The Faith & Work Bible, you can by going to this link: http://amzn.to/2g5SaBp




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