NIV Color Code Bible for Kids Bible Review

by Crystal Carder
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I received a sample of this Bible in exchange for my honest review. This post contains affiliate links.

Bibles have come a long way since I was a little girl. There are so many types of Bibles for kids, now, that finding the perfect one can be a bit daunting. Even for someone like me who has reviewed a bunch of Bibles, I still find myself amazed at all the new features they put into Bibles these days.

The newest Bible that I got to review, the NIV Color Code Bible for Kids is one of the first of it’s kind just for kids. This Bible highlights over 3,000 passages in full-color to show kids key Bible verses on important topics in the Bible.


NIV Color Code Bible

The NIV Color Code Bible highlights 10 different topics in the Bible, each in a different color.

The topics highlighted include verses on:

  • God
  • Sin/Evil
  • Jesus
  • New Life
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Prayer/Praise
  • Family/Children
  • Love
  • Animals

NIV Color Code Bible for Kids Bible Review

The NIV Color Code Bible comes in the preferred hardback cover – also available in bonded leather – and looks appealing from first sight. Inside, the Bible features many of the things most Bibles have but it also includes snippets about the books of the Bible, why you should read it, and information on who wrote the Bible. This information is perfectly placed towards the beginning, so your child can be introduced to important information before they begin reading His word.

Also included near the front of this Bible is more information about each color code highlighted in this Bible. These snippets are more than just telling you what each color is for, instead it tells you why the publishers of this Bible choose each symbolic color for each topic.

Finally, placed in the front is a very elaborate Bible reading plan and index of each color coded Bible verse in each topic. The NIV Color Code Bible features more information in just the first pages, than most Bibles I have looked at.

NIV Color Code Bible for Kids Bible Review

Throughout this book, your child can not only read God’s word with color, but each page gives a small reference of what each color highlighted represents.

In the back of this Bible, your child can take notes in some of the few My Bible Journal pages and reference places in the Bible on the few maps provided.

The NIV Color Code Bible is all-in-all a great Bible for children ages 8 and older. While it’s lack of pictures make it unappealing for children of a younger age, it is the mature Bible option for older kids who want a Bible that looks pretty, but not kiddie. This Bible makes a great study Bible and it is designed to be gender neutral.

If you have a child who is growing up and wants to look more mature, this Bible is perfect for them. To learn more about it or purchase it, visit this LINK.

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