New Family Tradition for Thanksgiving Season: Turkey on the Table

by Crystal Carder
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I partnered with Turkey on the Table and received a free item. All opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links which pay me a small amount when you make a purchase through one of the links. Please see my disclosure policy for more information.

It’s finally the start of November. Halloween is just now over and it feels like we are skipping over Thanksgiving to rush to Christmas. It’s not right. All over the world, we’re replacing the one holiday that focuses on togetherness and giving thanks to asking for more stuff.

I want to teach my kids to be thankful for everything they have this holiday season. That’s why I am so excited to introduce to you a new fun, family tradition this holiday season, Turkey on the Table.

turkey on the table

Turkey on the Table is a holiday tradition kind of like Elf on the Shelf, but so much better! Instead of moving the turkey around from place to place every day in November, Turkey on the Table sits on your table or another visible place in your home. Every day in November, your family can help the turkey to grow by adding feathers.

Each feather placed on the turkey is filled out with things you’re thankful for. As your family writes down things they are thankful for, every day,  your turkey grows bigger and bigger – until it’s finally Thanksgiving! On Thanksgiving, your family takes the feathers and reads all the things they have been thankful for out loud. Turkey on the Table® teaches gratitude and helps your family be thankful for what the blessings they already have.

Turkey on the Table® Kit includes everything you need to make Turkey on the Table a family tradition including; one turkey, feathers, a pen, and a cute storybook.

By purchasing Turkey on the Table, you will also be helping to provide 10 meals to those in need through Feed America!

Starting Turkey on the Table® Thanksgiving Tradition

I have been waiting, patiently, for November since the day my mailman delivered my Turkey on the Table® kit. Up until now, I have looked at the turkey and explained to my kids that we were going to have a fun new tradition this Thanksgiving. We have all been desperately waiting to show our gratitude, so this morning when my kids finally woke up, they were so excited it was November!

Of course, since this kit comes with a book, I found it only appropriate to start with the story of Turkey on the Table® first. The book was so much more than I expected it to be! This book has a cute story, nice illustrations, and teaches children how Turkey on the Table® works and how it gives back.

My kids loved hearing the short story and were eager to start adding feathers to the turkey after reading it.

Since Turkey on the Table® only comes with 13 double-sided feathers, we decided to only use one feather a day and all write what we were thankful for on the same feather.  Fortunately, you can purchase extra feathers, if you wish from Turkey on the Table’s online store.

Adding the feathers to the turkey is as simple as sliding the feather into a premade feather holder on the turkey’s back.

While we still have a full month of Turkey on the Table my family is so excited to finally have a NEW Thanksgiving holiday tradition! If you would like to learn more about how Turkey on the Table® gives thanks and gives back check out Turkey on the Table’s website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts.

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