My SnackPals Party from Tryazon

by Crystal Carder
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I was given a free item in exchange for this post. This post contains affiliate links.

This weekend I had such an awesome party thanks to TryazonTryazon is a fairly new company and this was my first time ever hosting one of their parties, but it was such a blast, that I urge you all to sign up too. It’s free, so don’t miss out.

SnackPals Party

My party actually took place this past weekend. Unfortunately, due to the weather, we had a few people back out last minute, but it was still a blast. I think we had 16 people all together?! My guests were a little on the camera-shy side, so I did my best to get a picture with most of the youngest party-goers.

Even though the day was a little on the colder side, the past few days had us dreaming of springtime, so we decided to do a cookout-themed party. While the men cooked on the grill, some of our little party-goers played trucks and did whatever they do in the backyard, while most of the women and babies stayed inside, near the fire. 

Later that day, the kids played a cool game that was sent with our party pack from MaddCapp Games, I Scream. Since we were stuck inside, space was a little more limited, so I wasn’t able to get any pictures of them playing it, but from the sound of laughter, I can only imagine it must have been fun.

Next, I passed out the SnackPals portion control containers from Wow Gear. I originally thought these were just another snack cup, that was made to look pretty, but SnackPals are so much more. I can’t believe how much easier they make mom-life.


Unlike ordinary snack cups, these ones can’t be spilled and, for little kids, they are like magic! SnackPals snack containers have to be shaken 2-times just for your child to get 1-serving of food from their cup. Although this may sound too complicated for some little ones, I can assure you, kids are smart. My 2-year old was using her cup in just a couple seconds.


Thanks to Tryazon, my guest had a great time attending the SnackPals party. And, they’ve even found a new baby item they can’t live without!

If you would like to learn more about SnackPals, you can by checking out Wow Gear’s Facebook.

Sign up to host your own fun parties, for free at Tryazon.



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