My Go-to Items to Have On-Hand for Cold, Flu & COVID This Winter

by Crystal Carder

Last Updated on 1 year by Crystal Carder

Goodbye SUMMER! It’s been so cold here in Western Maryland these last few days that I’ve seriously had to go look at my calendar and make sure it was still August. And, it is. But all this cold weather got me thinking, it’s almost time for cold, flu and COVID to take over. And, you don’t want to be unprepared like last year, especially if you have little ones who depend on you.

That’s why today I am sharing my ultimate go-to items every parent should have on hand for cold, flu and COVID. These items have all saved me trips to the doctors office and can help save you too! 


Must Have Items for Cold, Flu, Covid Season

Ear Otoscope with Camera

I cannot begin to tell you the amount of times an ear Otoscope has came in handy with kids! It can be hard to tell when a child actually has an ear infection, so being able to look at the ear can help cut-down on unnecessary visits to the doctor’s office. And, if you buy an ear Otoscope with a camera, like this ONE, you can actually save yourself the trip to the doctor (in most cases!)

Since a camera Otoscope takes photos of the ear and the infection, it’s super easy to send the pictures in to a virtual doctor and get medicine. This is an item I will NOT go without during sick season and you shouldn’t neither. You seriously don’t realize just how many flu and Covid patients you exposed yourself and your family to every time you have to walk into an urgent care or doctors office.

Puffs Plus Lotion with Vicks

Whenever the kids get the sniffles and regular tissues begin to make their noses sore, I turn to Puffs Plus Lotion with Vicks. These tissues are infused with Vicks and help provide relief from stuffiness and runny noses that often come with the cold, flu and covid. They work great and the lotion keeps your nose from getting sore.

During winter months I have a hard time finding these tissues in-store so I buy them in bulk from Amazon. 

Vicks Vaporizer & Vapor Steam

Whenever the sniffles start, I turn to the Vicks Vaporizer with added vapor steam. Its an item I’ve used since my kids were just little and it’s a miracle worker.

I just simply plug the vaporizer in when my kids are sitting or at bedtime and add the Vicks Medicated Liquid to the water. Then I let my kids breathe in the steamy vapor to help clear their airways and relieve coughing.

The vaporizer is so simple, it’s just like a large essential oil machine but for colds & flu.

Emergen-C Vitamin Powder

Last year whenever COVID was really bad, vitamin C was all the rave. You couldn’t find it anywhere! That’s why this year, I’m taking a head start and stocking up on Emergen-C Vitamin Powder.

While there’s other brands that make this super vitamin powder, Emergen-C is one that has tons of vitamins and it’s super affordable for the whole family.

While the flavors aren’t too good – think Alka Seltzer – giving yourself an extra vitamin boost for the season is essential. There is even a special Kid flavor you can buy for the kids. (my kids say it’s good & they are super picky).


Though they are more geared towards young children, Warmies products are amazing for cooling comfort from fevers.

Not only are Warmies great for fevers, they also make cuddly companions for kids. Plus they last forever! We bought the kids each Warmies almost 3 years ago, and are still the most used items in our house during flu and cold season!

While I know these items don’t cure the cold, flu or COVID they do help make it more tolerable and, my life as a mom easier. What are some items you keep on-hand for when your family gets sick?

For more products to help with this cold, flu and covid season check out my post I did a while back for the ultimate get well basket for loved ones.

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