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Meet the Brand NEW Company Taking the Stress Out of Health Care

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My husband is a type 1 diabetic (juvenile diabetes), so if there is one thing we can’t go without, it’s proper health care. By now, we know our insurance plan pretty well; we know what we can get, what we can’t and what we should be paying for health care. But, every once in a while, a bill comes along and throws us for a loop.

If you’ve ever experienced dealing with a health care bill and trying to figure out where it comes from, you probably understand how stressful it can be. I know I personally do, that’s why I am so excited to share a new company that is taking the stress out of health care – meet Fairos.

About Fairos

Fairos is a brand-new startup looking to change what’s broken about medical insurance. Their team has been working with large companies to help their employees get the cheapest rates and the highest quality care for years. In that process they realized that no one paying more for insurance than individuals like us. They believe that is wrong, and plan to do something about it.
Stress out of health care with Fairos
“Big medical” has created a maze of complexity for the patient experience, including high premiums and medical bills that are intentionally confusing. Fairos plans to fight against that and hopes to see millions of people receiving the medical care they need without the crippling and confusing effects of high medical costs.

What Services Does Fairos Offer?

Fairos offers three different types of services that take the stress out of health care including:

Bill Negotiation

The Fairos team will negotiate with your insurance company on behalf of you and determine what savings are possible – helping you reduce your overall cost.


Like many insurance companies offer, nowadays, Fairos will offer you the chance to complete non-acute appointments with doctors via email, phone, or video call.


Fairos will help establish the right schedule for your health journey; follow-up appointments with your doctor, physical/occupational therapist post hospitalization.  

Fairos wants your help, share your input by taking the short survey below. Then share this post with anyone who has ever dealt with the stress of health insurance.

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