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Hours of Fun with the Marble Genius Marble Run Super Set

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I think by now, we’ve all heard of the term STEM. It stands for, science, technology, engineering, mathematics.  It’s pretty big stuff at my kid’s school and my kids are obsessed with it. This year for my 8 year old’s birthday he asked for STEM related toys. I wasn’t really sure what kind of toys to look for, but then I remembered he had been talking about those marble running sets – that’s when I found Marble Genius.

If you’re looking for gifts that incorporates STEM, I’m so excited to share with you about this great marble set from Marble Genius!

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About the Set

Marble Genius offers a few marble running sets on their website, but the one that we tried out was the Marble Run Starter Set. This set consist of 85 translucent pieces and 15 glass marbles.

The thing that we really love about this set is that it can be completely taken apart and put together however you want. While the Marble Run set comes with ideas on how to set up the marble run,  you can  actually create your own design or check out other designs on Marble Genius’s Instagram page.

This set is so versatile, that it brings almost never-ending fun! After using the set for a few days, we have re-did it so many times that every time we do, the kids act like it is a completely new toy. 

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Hours of Fun

Since using the Marble Run Super Set, we have been amazed at how well it incorporates STEM. This set has inspired my 8-year old to help with the redesign, try to slow the marbles down, and figure out new paths for the marbles to go down. 

Thanks to this set, my son and I have even been using physics – and he has no idea!

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This set isn’t just fun for bigger kids, it is fun for younger ones too! There’s literally so much they can do with it, that they can play for hours.

Plus with Marble Genius’s genius plastic design, the set can easily be used indoors and out. I can already tell that this set is going to get used a lot this summer.

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If you are looking for a high quality, durable marble running set, Marble Genius is the way to go! Each of their sets can be used with each other, so the possibilities for fun are almost endless.

To learn more about Marble Genius visit their website, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube or Instagram.

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