Make Playtime Fun with PLAYMOBIL and This Super Easy Fireman’s Hat

by Crystal Carder

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My kids love to pretend play. Somedays they pretend to be cops and robbers, while other days they pretend to be firefighters and doctors. I never know where their imaginations will take them, but I know these pretend playtimes will be the memories that stick with them forever.

That’s why the other day when I went to my local Walmart, I decided to shop for a toy that encouraged imagination, but yet be one they all would play with. Since Walmart always has the hottest toys of the season, I knew I would find something for them to play with. And, I did! Just as I walking down the toy aisle, I spotted PLAYMOBIL toys.

PLAYMOBIL brings you imaginative play sets focused around iconic figures from a variety of worlds, both realistic (police, firemen, etc.) and fantastical (modern-day dinos). Their products are extremely detailed and made with high-quality, so they last.

PLAYMOBIL play sets help to develop both cognitive and social/emotional skills, which as a mother, I couldn’t love more. While at Walmart, I decided to purchase the PLAYMOBIL Take Along Fire Station and PLAYMOBIL Rescue Ladder Unit.

You can purchase both of these sets at Walmart by clicking on the picture below.

The PLAYMOBIL Take Along Fire Station and PLAYMOBIL Rescue Ladder Unit was such a hit with all three of my kids! Even though these sets have to be put together before kids can play with them, my kids were able to put these sets together without any help. And, just as soon as they put these sets together, their imaginations started rolling!

They pretended to be fireman rescuing sick people, people from burning buildings and so much more.

#ad PLAYMOBIL DIY Fireman's hat

As they started coming up with rescue scenarios for the PLAYMOBIL Take Along Fire Station, they asked if I could make them pretend Fireman’s Hats. That’s when I came up with these super easy DIY Fireman Hats, that the kids loved. Each hat is customizable and great for all ages!

#ad PLAYMOBIL DIY Fireman's hat

DIY Fireman’s Hat

This DIY fireman’s hat is perfect to pair with the PLAYMOBIL Take Along Fire Station. It’s completely customizable and kids love it. Since it’s DIY, each hat can be made to look completely different. Kids can color them, make it out of different color paper, or make it look just like a real fireman’s hat.

What You’ll Need

  • 3-4 pieces of construction paper (any color – red, yellow, and black if you want a more authentic fireman’s hat)
  • Stapler and/or tape, glue is also an option
  • Scissors
  • Fireman Badge Pattern – found HERE (you can also design your own)
  • Ruler

Making Your Fireman’s Hat

To make your DIY Fireman’s Hat, just follow the simple instructions below.

DIY Fireman's Hat

Make playtime fun and imagination come to life with this super easy DIY fireman's hat.

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Cuisine American
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15 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Servings 1 Hat
Author Crystal Carder


  • 3-4 Pieces Construction Paper
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Stapler and/or tape or glue
  • Fireman's Badge printable


  1. Take one piece of construction paper and cut it long ways, down the center, so it makes two pieces.

  2. Take your two pieces and tape together at the small ends.

  3. Wrap the taped pieces around the wearer's head, so it's like a headband

  4. Tape, staple, or glue headband together, so it fits the wearer's head and doesn't slide over eyes. 

    (Headband should not be on the head during this step)

  5. On a piece of construction paper, draw a hexagon. You can make it any size, I made mine 6 inches on every side.

  6. Cut hexagon out and tape/glue/staple hexagon onto the front of the headband.

  7. Print and cut out fireman's badge - When printing shrink the image to 50%, so it fits in the center of the hexagon

  8. Trace cut out of Fireman's badge on a piece of construction paper and cut out the badge on the construction paper. (the badge on the construction paper is what you will use)

  9. Tape, glue or staple Fireman's badge onto the center of the hexagon.

  10. (optional step) Trace and cut out F.D. and glue/tape/staple in center of fireman's badge

These DIY Fireman’s Hats go perfectly with the PLAYMOBIL Take Along Fire Station and PLAYMOBIL Rescue Ladder Unit! Plus, since the PLAYMOBIL Take Along Fire Station is portable, the kids can pretend to be firefighters everywhere we go.

#ad PLAYMOBIL DIY Fireman's hat

The PLAYMOBIL Take Along Fire Station and PLAYMOBIL Rescue Ladder Unit have brought back a fun, imaginary playtime for my kids that I haven’t seen in years!

You can find your PLAYMOBIL set at Walmart, like we did, in the toy aisle. Learn more about PLAYMOBIL and how their toys encourage imagination by visiting this LINK.

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Joanne November 22, 2018 - 10:47 am

I have seen these sets at Walmart, but after seeing this, I am going to have to grab a few for the grandkids!

Crystal Carder November 22, 2018 - 10:47 am

Yes, Joanne! The grandkids will love these sets!


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