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Make The Holidays Great With Brooklyn Bean Roastery

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Brooklyn Bean Roastery Coffee

Christmas is one of those times where coffee is one of those items that is great to have on hand. Whether you’re sitting down and drinking a cup of coffee with your family or sharing the love with the gift of coffee, coffee can mean so be so much more than just a drink.

Brooklyn Bean Roastery Coffee

Every Christmas, since I grew up, my parents and I hold the same Christmas tradition of sitting around the table and drinking coffee. But this year, things are a little different, since my dad got a Keurig. Instead of his traditional coffee, we’re trusting our holidays to Brooklyn Bean Roastery and their vast selection of coffees and cocoas.

Brooklyn Bean Roastery Coffee

Brooklyn Bean Roastery has so many flavors of coffee, that there is literally a flavor for everyone. One of my favorite coffee flavors, Donut Shop Coffee (Brooklyn Bean’s flavor is called Corner Donut Shop), taste even better than other coffee brands plus it is a more affordable option than the traditional Green Mountain Coffee k-cups.

Brooklyn Bean Roastery Coffee

Brooklyn Bean Roastery Coffee Cups are compatible with most Keurig coffee machines and brewed using their patent-pending tension based filter system. Each cup of coffee comes out with a rich, smooth tasting flavor that makes it almost impossible to go back to your old coffee.

Brooklyn Bean Roastery Coffee Cups

After drinking coffee daily for over ten years, I would say Brooklyn Bean Roastery coffee is one of my new favorites. Although, I’ll be the first to admit, I usually stray away from sweet coffee flavors like; cinnamon and maple, Brooklyn Bean flavors were not overwhelming or too sweet. Their coffee flavors had just the right amount of flavor to make my coffee taste delicious. The medium and dark roast coffee flavors ultimately had my vote for my favorite blends, but that is only because that is what I normally drink, but I would recommend any of their coffee flavors – I literally haven’t tried one flavor that I didn’t like!

Brooklyn Bean Roastery Coffee

Brooklyn Bean Roastery is the perfect Christmas morning tradition, or gift option for that coffee lover in your life. With so many flavors, all k-cup compatible, buying from Brooklyn Bean Roastery this season is almost a no-brainer.

If you would like to learn more about Brooklyn Bean Roastery you can visit their website or Facebook.

Looking for more Christmas Gift Ideas, check out Brooklyn Bean Roastery on my 2017 Holiday Guide.

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19 thoughts on “Make The Holidays Great With Brooklyn Bean Roastery

  1. […] It seems like everyone these days loves coffee and cocoas, so why not get them a gift from Brooklyn Bean Roastery. Providing premium coffees and cocoas, Brooklyn Bean Roastery has flavors that everyone on your list is sure to love. Read more about why I love Brooklyn Bean Roastery HERE. […]

  2. I really love the packaging. It looks very New York. I think it is cool that they have a great selection for every coffee drinker. I am so excited to try the brown sugar ginger. That sounds unique.

  3. I their packaging and am looking forward to trying their coffee. Nothing is better than a hot cup of coffee first thing in the morning especially on these chilly winter mornings.

  4. Oh my gosh Maple Sleigh sounds delicious.I have never been a huge coffee drinker but every now and then a flavor comes along that grabs me and I bet I would love that!

  5. I’ve never heard of this brand before. All these flavors sound amazing though! I’ll have to give the gingerbread one a try. I love gingerbread.

  6. I drink coffee all the time. I have not tried those flavors before though. But the coffee boxes look adorable. I want to buy all of them.

  7. The flavors sound really good. I think it is awesome that you haven’t had a flavor that you didn’t like. I have heard about Brooklyn Bean coffee before and have not heard anything negative about them which is great for their company!

  8. We tried Brooklyn Bean Roastery once before and it was pretty good. I forgot about them and I know the perfect person to gift this to!

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