6 Low Budget Ways to Make Summer Vacation Awesome!

by Crystal Carder
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Summer vacation officially starts today! In T-2 hours I get my kids back and we’re about to start a low budget summer vacation of fun!

As with any summer vacation that the kids have had, there’s a lot of stress to do something fun and exciting. Unfortunately, there’s not always a ton of extra money to make some great summer vacation happen. That’s why today I’m sharing some of my go-to low budget summer vacation ideas with you.
summer vacation on a low budget

If you’re looking for low budget ways to make your child’s summer vacation fun, I have you covered! These five simple ideas are low budget and so much fun for kids of all ages.

While you won’t have a lot of money coming out of your pocket, these ideas are sure to give a lot of memories that will last a lifetime. Plus – there’s no reason for you and your family to have another boring summer with these ideas!! ?

Check my low budget summer vacation ideas out below?

Low Budget Summer Vacation Ideas

Have a Staycation

A staycation is one of the best and most fun ways to have a low budget summer vacation with kids. There are always so many places you can explore right in your own neighborhood. To make things even more fun, pack a lunch and spend all day exploring new adventures in your area. Check out a new restaurant, a museum, or go looking for that waterfall you’ve always wanted to see.

If you think you’ve already done everything your town has to offer, try heading to the next town near your home and explore it.

Staycations don’t have to cost a fortune, but can literally last all summer long!

low budget summer vacation ideas

Go Camping

Camping with the family is a low budget way to enjoy a summer vacation when you have kids. Many campsites only charge a few dollars per night, so besides bringing a tent and some camping essentials, you can make some cheap memories and have fun.

When going camping with the family, you only need a few necessary essentials including; a good tent, camping cookware, sleeping bag, and a sleeping mat of some sort.

Spend Time At The Pool

Swimming pools are a great place to spend the summer and they are extremely low budget. If you know a family who has a pool that will let you use it, use their’s, if not you can purchase season passes at most community pools for a low price.

Swimming areas are great ways for the family to spend time together without spending a fortune. If you have little ones, just be sure to bring floaties with that you can trust.

6 Low Budget Ways to Make Summer Vacation Awesome! 81

Take Advantage of Summer Movie Deals at Select Movie Theaters

Movie theaters can cost a fortune. That’s why I am so happy that many movie theaters offer summer movie deals that are almost too good to be true.

If you live near a participating Regal Movie Theater, families can enjoy $1 movies on select dates throughout the summer.

At AMC Theaters kids can get a movie ticket, kids popcorn, and drink for just $4!

While there aren’t many of them, Golden Star Cinemas offer FREE movies on select dates throughout the year.

A lot of places also offer free summer movie nights at local parks for families too in the summer.

Look for Free and Low Budget Events on Facebook

Facebook is a great place to find low budget events to fit your summer vacation needs. If you look on your Facebook app and click on local events, many places offer free and cheap activities for the public.

Keeping an eye on these events throughout the summer can give you and your family a lot of fun and free things to do.

Hit Up Local Fairs/Carnivals

Local fairs and carnivals are great things for children and families to do during the summer. While fairs and carnivals aren’t always low budget, going to one fair or carnival during the summer may not break the budget, but it will make an array of summer memories.

If visiting a fair or carnival still seems too expensive for the budget, listen to local radio stations for a chance to win free tickets.

Even if you’re family can’t afford to do much this summer these ideas will help make summer more tolerable without spending a ton of money.

For more money saving tips, check out my financial section on my blog.

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