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Love Letters from God Holy Bible Review

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*Disclosure: I received a sample of Love Letters From God in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

Did you grow up with a bible that you just loved; one that withstood every tear, every drop, every Bible study? I did too. And, to this day, that bible is a very important part of my childhood and, one day, I hope I’ll get the chance to give it to my child. But, for now, I would like my kids to make memories with their own Bibles. 

Love Letters From God Bible Review
Love Letters from God Holy Bible by Zondervan Publishing is one of the newer kid bibles on the market. Marketed to children of an older age, this Bible has 80 personal love letters from God. 

Love Letters from God Kids Bible Review

Love Letters from God is one of those Bibles that I fell in love with two-seconds after tearing open the box.

This bible comes in a hardcover backing and immediately looks attractive with it’s well laid out cover that is made to look like an actual piece of mail.

Love Letters from God Kids Bible Review
Inside the Bible, there are the same pages that there are in almost any other Bible; you have your dedication page, table of contents and books of the Bible. But in this Bible, you will find special Love Letters from God that help you or your child’s love grow closer to God. 

Each Love Letter to God is not actually written from God, but written as a bible verse and a small devotional to reflect on. Each Love Letter is written to look like it would, as if your child were opening a real piece of mail. 

Love Letters from God

While I love this bible, one thing that I would change is the small font used in this Bible. Even though, I know the Bible is a long book, I wish the font would be larger for those with bad eyes.

Love Letters from God Holy Bible is a great bible for gifting, churches and children. I would personally recommend it for the loved ones in my life who are 12-18 years old.

To find out more about Love Letters from God Holy Bible, check it out on Amazon – http://amzn.to/2eOmK1H



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