Lost Your Receipt? No Problem! These Apps Let You Save Your Receipts for FREE!

by Crystal Carder
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I cannot begin to count the amount of times I’ve lost my receipt to an important purchase. It’s so hard to keep track of all of those paper store receipts. It’s like once I get a receipt, it ends up – crinkled up, somewhere, with all my other receipts. Keeping track of them, always felt impossible. That’s why I knew there had to be a better way to save my receipts and there is!

If you’re bad at keeping track of your store receipts and purchases, this post is about to make your whole life a whole lot easier. I’m sharing a complete list of apps that you can store your receipts on, so you never have to dig for a paper receipt again!

Check them out and then check out my post for which apps give you free stuff just for downloading them it’s one of my most popular post so I know you’ll love it too!

Apps that Help Keep You From Losing Your Receipt


Not only can you shop at Target with a Starbucks in your hand, but you can also store all your store receipts (online & in-store) right on the Target app! To get started all you need to do is sign into your Target.com online account (or create a free Target account). Next, select ‘purchases.’ After clicking ‘purchases’, you will then be shown receipts for both online and in-store purchases.

HINT: To get your receipts for your in-store purchases to show up, be sure to enter your phone number associated with your Target account at checkout. The system will automatically link up and keep you from misplacing your Target receipts.

Whenever you need your Target receipt for a return, just bring your phone with the Target app to the store and the associate can scan the order’s barcode, right from your phone!


While it is still a ‘new’ feature on the Walmart app, customers can now scan their paper Walmart receipts and transmit them to the Walmart app, so they never have to worry about misplacing their receipt ever again.

With the Walmart app, you just hit the ‘services’ tab at the bottom of the app and then click ‘purchase history’. Once you’re there, a plus symbol will show at the top right corner of the screen. Click it and scan your receipt’s Walmart code, then the app will do the rest. You never have to worry about losing your Walmart receipt again with this feature, unless, of course, you don’t use it. 


Not only does Lowes make it as easy as a phone number for keeping track of receipts, Lowes even has a fancy name for keeping track of their store purchases. The MyLowes  program has been out for a while now, but if you’re still not using it, you really should sign up.

This program only requires you to tell the cashier your MyLowes associated phone number or have the cashier scan your MyLowes card when checking out and the system literally does the rest. If for some reason you need to return a purchase or need to access warranty information, you can do so from the Lowes app.

Just click on the account logo, once logging in, and then click on ‘orders and purchases’. All your purchases will then show up. 

Sam’s Club

Much like Walmart, the Sam’s Club app also lets you keep track of all of your purchases. Since you have to use a membership card when checking out, all of your purchases will be linked to that account and will only show up when you’re logged into that membership card’s account.

To get started just login to the Sam’s Club app. Click on the account logo and then go to ‘order history’ where all of your prior purchase receipts will show up.

Hint: Sam’s Club’s website works better to find in-store receipts for some reason, but it is still possible to recover a lost receipt on the Sam’s Club app. 

Best Buy

There’s more than just tech at Best Buy! Their free My Best Buy rewards program, not only allows you to earn rewards on all of your purchases, but it also keeps track of your purchases. 

All you have to do is create a free My Best Buy account, either in-store or HERE, then make sure to give your phone number at check-out and it will automatically link your purchases to your account. My Best Buy account makes it super easy to access your receipts and your protection plans.

While these may only be some of the apps that help you store your store receipts, I will be updating this post anytime I find another app that stores receipts. Do you know of any apps I missed? Share them in the comments, please! 

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