Looking to Buy a Pet? Here Are The Best Places to Look Plus Meet Teddy!

by Crystal Carder
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Are you wanting to buy a pet, but have no idea where to look? Then this post is for you. This post will tell you the best places to look and get you one step closer to the animal of your dreams.

Plus, keep reading because I am introducing you all to Teddy, our newest furry addition!

Precautions to Make Before You Buy a Pet

For obvious reasons, there are many things you want to look for before you begin your search for buying a pet. Although, there may be a few other things you should look for before adopting your pet, always make sure to be cautious and never believe everything someone tells you.

Stay Away From Puppy Mills

Unfortunately, there are many places out there that breed for money rather than out of love. These places, called puppy mills, let their animals be caged up, unhealthy, and are never taken to a vet. Many times people buy their animal from puppy mills and the puppy ends up being really sick and dies.

Although puppy mills are illegal, there still are a lot of “reputable” dog breeders who run them.

Meet Both Parents

Yet again, many people only look for money when selling pets, so they are willing to tell you whatever you want to hear. If you are looking for a family pet, I highly recommend meeting both parents because you will want to make sure the animal will not have a long line of meanness in them.

Unfortunately, my family has had this happen to us with our English Mastiff who is now 10 years old. We never met our boy’s dad and he was always babied, but he still has a mean streak towards other people.

Know Something About the Breed You’re Getting First

Some animal breeders are all about the money, so be sure to know about the breed of animal you’re adopting before you dish big money out on them. Remember just because someone has two German Shepherds doesn’t always mean they are both mom and dad to the pups.

Knowing what qualities an animal is supposed to have before you adopt it, can make a lot of difference before you get ripped off.

Where to Buy a Pet

There are many places you can buy a pet, but if you’re looking for a particular breed of pet, or want one sooner rather than places, these places are great for you.

Local Newspapers

Almost every newspaper has an online edition. I recommend looking through local newspaper classifieds under the pet section to find pets. Normally, you will find your best deals here and have better luck adopting through here.
If your local newspaper doesn’t have any pets, pick out a radius that you’re willing to drive and check out all the local newspaper classifieds in those areas, too.

Facebook Marketplace

While it is technically against Facebook policies to sell animals, many people still do it and it is still easy to find animals through them.
Always be sure to take precautions before meeting strangers and NEVER send money.

Online Classifieds

Other than newspapers, online classifieds are a great way to find pets. These usually cover larger areas than local newspapers and can connect pet owners with breeders and other pet sellers.

Adopt at Local Shelters

Local shelters are a great way to adopt a pet. Although many have rules before you can adopt, for a small rehoming fee, your family can save an animal’s life and you can add to your family.

Meet Our Yorkie, Teddy!!

Okay, so if you follow my Instagram, you may have already seen Teddy! We adopted him from a breeder in Ohio (not a puppy mill) in May and we are so in love! He is a male AKC Yorkshire terrier and he is just the sweetest!
Meet Teddy
We always said we’d never own a small dog, but he has been such a good boy and he’s small enough to go everywhere with us!

Now that you’ve met Teddy, I’d love to meet your furry friends. Tell me about them (and share a pic) in the comments below.


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