A Little Bit of an Update

by Crystal Carder
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Y’all, I swear I’ve been attempting to write this post about a billion times over the last few days, but something always sidetracks me as soon as I start. There’s been a whole lot of craziness happening at the Carder household, so let me just jump in. (btw, totally apologize for this long post, I’m really not trying to write a book…)

I Had to Have Surgery…

So, a little over a week ago, I had to go in for a laparoscopy – a.k.a gallbladder removal. I was so terrified, I kept thinking about all the horror stories I’ve heard over the years and it really got me thinking – what if that surgery was my last day?! Thankfully, it wasn’t, but honestly sometimes a life scare is just what you need to kick your butt back in gear.

The surgery went well and the surgeon who removed my gallbladder told me that my gallbladder was so bad from years of attacks that it actually left lesions inside of me. Yikes! While I’m still on light duty, I’m getting a lot better than I was those first couple days, so I should be back to my normal blogging self real soon!

We finally have an answer!!

Now on to my oldest son. I told y’all about his eating habits a few weeks back, but things haven’t really been getting any better. My son was finally referred to a Pediatric Gastroenterologist at WVU hospital, a few weeks ago, and the doctor suggested my son have an Upper G.I done. While normally I’m all about avoiding surgeries, this time the doctor agreed he thought something could definitely be wrong and I just wanted an answer.

2nd grade, first day

Fast forward to after the surgery, the doctor told us everything looked good, but he wasn’t really expecting anything to look different, so he took a few samples for a biopsy.

A few weeks went by before we finally heard results, but turns out my son has a rare, but non-life threatening condition called Congenital Sucrase-Isomaltase Deficiency (CSID).


Although the doctor tried to explain a little about CSID on the phone, I am still a little unsure of what it is exactly. We have set up appointments to meet with dietitians and more doctors in the coming weeks, but in the meantime, I’ve been getting all my information about CSID from this site – csidcares.org

Now that my son has his diagnosis, we just have to wait for an extremely hard to get medicine that is only available online through mail-order.

I’m a little unsure how I feel now that I know my son isn’t just not eating, but I am happy we finally have our answers. We have brought our concerns up to many doctors throughout the years and they just laughed us off, so knowing we weren’t crazy and my son is going to be okay is a huge relief.

Then There’s More…

They really aren’t lying when they say when it rains it pours because man its pouring! I have mentioned about my poor mother issues with her a-fib, but things haven’t gotten better for her. A few weeks ago, my mother had to have a valve placed in her heart. The doctors thought that would help her a-fib, but unfortunately, it has stayed the same, if not gotten worse. She’s now in constant a-fib and feels extremely ran down.

My mother’s doctor has tried switching pills, but they didn’t help. Now he thinks she may need to try a cardiac ablation or get shocked. Both terrifying options, but she is now to the point she just wants to feel better.

Unfortunately, watching your loved ones suffer is not easy, so I’m just praying something finally works and gets things back under control. Please friends, feel free to say a short prayer for my mama tonight.

House Hunting

I may have mentioned before that my family has been staying with my parents. Although, it hasn’t been that bad, we have finally decided it is time to get our own place. I have been driving around for weeks, with no luck finding a place to rent. It has been such a frustrating, annoying, and depressing search, but I think we may have finally found the place – fingers crossed!..

And Then, Summer Ended…

Yep, summer decided to end. Not just because it has been so cold here, but because school started today. My big guy started 2nd grade!!! It feels like yesterday, he was in Kindergarten but now he’s growing into a big and handsome man – I totally wish my babies wouldn’t have to grow up so fast…

Friends, that’s been my whirlwind of a life, anything crazy going on in your life right now?

I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me… 

Philippians 4:13


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