Life Has Been Crazy, Find Out Where I’ve Been!

by Crystal Carder
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Hey friends, I know I’ve been a bit m.i.a these past few weeks and I’m really sorry for that. I haven’t forgot about you all, life has just really been crazy, so let me catch you all up! I previously mentioned in my Mother’s Day post,a few months back, that my mother had been sick and in the hospital because of her a-fib. Well, things haven’t got any better for her and turns out doctors are telling her there is little to nothing that can be done – she’ll just have to suffer through. Last week, they did perform a heart catherization on her, just in case, and we were told everything looked fine and it was all good. Fast forward to the next morning and we find out the doctor made a mistake and my mom’s heart had an extensive amount of blockage. She will now be going back into the hospital and having a stent put in, next week. The doctors still don’t think this will cure the a-fib, but I’m hoping it helps her get some relief. Summer 2017 Along with my mother, things have been pretty hectic with my 7-year old son, so let me give you some back story to catch you up. Ever since my son was younger, he just stopped eating almost any kind of foods- including pizza. My husband and I always thought his eating habits were a bit over the top, but whenever we would mention it to a doctor, they always insisted he would grow out of it and we were looking too far into it. Well, now that he is seven, we are seeing even less improvement in his eating habits and when we took him to the doctors, a few weeks ago, there was some weight loss that sparked a bit of concern. They finally agreed with us and got us a referral to a pediatric gastroenterologist at WVU hospital and yesterday, I met with them. The gastroenterologist was absolutely amazing and didn’t think we were crazy at all! He thinks there could be a lot more to his eating habits and has ordered a few test to get to the bottom of this, including a small upper g.i. surgery.

In the meantime, we have started him on a two-a-day Pediasure regiment in hopes he gains some of his weight back.

Then, there’s me. For the longest time, I have had reoccurring bouts with stomach pains, but none of the doctors ever found a reason for them, until now. My doctor sent me in for a gallbladder ultrasound a few weeks back and it turns out my gallbladder is pretty messed up. I am now set up with a general surgeon to discuss all my options and see if getting my gallbladder removed is my best bet, although, I’ve already been told most likely my gallbladder is coming out.

Realistically, I’m just hoping to finally get relief from my stomach pains and live normally again.

As for the rest of the family and life, things have been alright. We’ve been trying to make the most of this summer and have been swimming and traveling as much as possible. I even have a new post coming soon about our 3-day visit to Altoona, Pennsylvania – which I can’t wait to share with you all, Altoona is definitely one of those destinations I think you all would love to visit.

That pretty much sums up my life right now, how’s your summer going?

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