Legend of the Easter Robin Written by Dandi Daley Mackall

by Crystal Carder
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My kids have been so excited about Easter this year. Not because they know about the true meaning of Easter, but because they know they are going to get Easter candy.

This year rather than giving them just a bunch of meaningless candy, I want to tell them something more meaningful – the story of Jesus’s death.

The past few years, I decided my children were probably too young to hear the story of Jesus, but this year I think they are ready. After losing their great-grandfather this past year, my children know all too well what death is.

While I admit, I wasn’t sure where to start, The Legend of the Easter Robin helped me tell the story of Jesus in a relatable child’s perspective.

The story, Legend of the Easter Robin by Dandi Daley Mackall will bring the true story of Easter to life this year.

Legend of the Easter Robin Written by Dandi Daley Mackall

About the Book

In the center of the nest lay one perfect egg, the color of a spring sky. The father robin sat on a branch nearby, guarding his family. Tressa spotted raccoon tracks below and a blue jay eyeing the nest. “Gran, how are we going to keep the egg safe?” “We’ll have to leave that one to the Creator,” Gran said. Robins have built a nest on the window ledge at Grandmother’s house! Tressa is thrilled―and concerned. What will happen to the sky-blue egg laid by the mother robin? As more eggs appear, Tressa witnesses the daily drama of the robins’ nest and learns how God cares for all creatures. Besides watching the birds, there are Easter eggs to color. And there is a very special story to hear―a tale of long ago about one small bird with a very big heart. How did the robin get its red breast? Tressa is about to find out as Gran tells her the story of the Easter robin. Brought to life with colorful, tender illustrations, The Legend of the Easter Robin will captivate and teach your child about compassion and faith.
Age Range: 4-8 years
Hardcover; 32 pages 

Reading The Legend of the Easter Robin to my almost 4 and 6 year old, I was a little nervous of how they would react and the questions they might ask. From the cover of the book, my boys were already calling the little girl their sister, Zoey and were excited to see what she was doing. When I started to read the book to them, my six year old has some more serious questions with the book then my four year old. One of his biggest questions throughout the story was, “was that real or are they lying?”

Not only did my children become even more interested to find out what happened to Jesus, but they begin to truly understand the importance of Jesus and the reason behind Easter.  The Legend of the Easter Robin is the perfect book to teach little ones about Jesus’s death and through beautiful illustrations, it will keep even the littlest child wanting to know what’s next.

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