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Insane Ways You’re Wasting Valuable Time Every Day!

Insane Ways You’re Wasting Valuable Time Every Day!

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There are 24 hours in a day, but yet, it never feels like enough time! As a mom of three and small business owner, I am always so busy. I used to spend hours, wondering, how I could get more done when I felt like I was already stretching myself thing. Then, it hit me, one day while scrolling Facebook. I had been wasting valuable time. Instead of doing the things I needed to get done, I was procrastinating and wasting time doing things that you probably do too!

If you’re struggling to have enough time to get things done in a day, these insane ways you’re wasting valuable time is sure to open your eyes.

Phone Games

I never have time to play one the Nintendo Switch or Xbox with my kids, but for some reason, I have no problem finding time to play games on my phone. Phones Games suck you in and they are so addictive, even worse than video games. These games are always at your fingertips and accessible by just a swipe of your finger.

Chances are if you are playing games you’re probably wasting more than just a few minutes of valuable time, every day.

For more reasons to ditch the games on your phone, check out my post: 3 Reasons to Ditch Phone Games.

productivity ways you're wasting valuable time

Social Media

Every morning when I wake up, I scroll on Facebook. I don’t know why I do, because I honestly never see anything other than drama on there, but I do. I spend probably a good 30-minutes just scrolling past the same post, over and over.

During the time I spend on social media, doing nothing, I could easily get other important things done. If you find yourself scrolling on social media every time you pick up your phone, you are wasting a ton of valuable time.


I love my share of TV just as much as the next person, but TV can really be a time-sucker. If you’re spending more than an hour a day watching TV, you’re wasting a ton of important time that you could spend doing something else.

Whenever you watch a binge-worthy show, be sure to place limits or else you will never have the time you need to the things you need to do.

Sleeping In

The old saying, the early bird gets the worm, isn’t exactly a lie. Whenever you wake up early, you’re giving yourself extra time to get things done and, in the end, you could have more time to do something for yourself.

If you’re sleeping in every morning, you’re wasting valuable time that you could use getting something done.

According to CNBC, these 10 highly successful people wake up earlier than 6 A.M. every day.

What are some other ways you waste time?

productivity ways you're wasting valuable time

Remember this post is just to point out how you can find extra time to do the things you want to do. It is not intended to make your life boring or dull; always do what makes you happy and helps you.

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