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I’m Not A Scaredy Cat By Max Lucado Book Review

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*Disclaimer: Crystal Carder has received a free copy of I’m Not A Scaredy Cat for free in exchange for my honest review. This post contains affiliate links, please refer to my disclosure policy for more information.

With three kids in the house, whenever one of them shows a little bit of fear, the other two eventually follow suit. When I heard of Max Lucado’s newest book, I’m Not A Scaredy CatI thought it would be a cute book to read to them, but I had no idea how much this book would help.

I'm Not A Scaredy Cat By Max Lucado Book ReviewAbout the Book

From New York Times bestselling author Max Lucado comes I’m Not a Scaredy-Cat, a silly, fun, and faith-building picture book to help kids manage their fear or anxiety. To avoid introducing new fears to children, this whimsical story depicts a cute cat character facing fears that are fanciful or exaggerated. These silly scenarios will create talking points for parents to help their children understand what to do when they feel afraid. Kids will learn that God is good, God is near, God is here with them, and, most important, God loves them.

I'm Not A Scaredy Cat By Max Lucado Book Review

My Review

I’m Not A Scaredy Cat is a brilliant book for teaching children to be brave and putting their trust in God. Recommended for ages 6-10 years old, this book is actually great for younger children as well. When I received this book, my 5 year old was quick to claim it. After reading it a few times, he even asked to look at the beautiful pictures during bedtime. It wasn’t long until I walked in on him sleeping with the book.

I'm Not A Scaredy Cat By Max Lucado Book Review

My kids and I absolutely love everything about I’m Not A Scaredy Cat. Each page of this book has a rhyme that makes it fun to read and the pictures illustrated by Shirley Ng-Benitez were hilarious to them. The way she made the Scaredy Cat go through different stages of being afraid, had my children laughing out in pure happiness.

I'm Not A Scaredy Cat By Max Lucado Book Review

With 32-pages, I’m Not A Scaredy Cat gives children the chance to recite a prayer to take away their fear and let children realize we all get scared sometimes, even at silly things. If you are looking for a perfect book for a special child in your life, I can’t recommend this book enough! 

I’m Not A Scaredy Cat is available where most books are sold and online at Amazon.


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