ICB Golden Princess Sparkle Bible Review

by Crystal Carder
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If you’re looking for a simple and cute bible to gift your little Princess, the International Children’s Bible (ICB) Golden Princess Sparkle Bible will be perfect for them! Written at a third-grade reading level, your sweet daughter will be able to follow along and independently read the Bible whenever they want to.

ICB Golden Princess Bible review

Designed with a dazzling cover that is shimmering with lots of sparkling glitter, your little Princess will beg to read this Bible. Written in the easy-to-read ICB translation for children, children can read and understand God’s word in a way that feels like they are reading a storybook. With 32-full colored pages, your daughter will love learning more about some of the most beloved Bible stories.

My Review

Sometimes whenever I find a Bible that I want to review, I get so excited that I often forget to read who it’s for, until I get it. The ICB Golden Princess Sparkle Bible is a bible that is recommended for your little Princess, but I personally didn’t see anything too girly about it, that I wouldn’t allow my boys to have it. Of course, the cover is sparkly, but it’s still yellow and pretty basic.

Inside, this Bible is probably one of the more basic Bibles that I have reviewed. Other than featuring the 32-fully illustrated colored pages, this children’s Bible does not have any features that would make it more for a girl, than a boy.

Besides the whole gender-appeal of this Bible, I do really like it. I have said before that I really enjoy the International Children’s Bible version that is exclusive to Tommy Nelson and I would recommend it for all children’s Bibles. The version is so much easier to understand and whenever you’re reading out of it, it feels just like a bunch of short-stories, rather than, the hard to understand Bible.

Although, there are hundreds of other Bibles, even some Tommy Nelson, that offer more of an in-depth children’s study, I think the ICB Golden Princess Sparkle Bible is a great simple, easy-to-read, first Bible for older children. (I personally say this Bible is best for 8-12 year olds).

If you want to learn more about this Bible, you easily can by visiting Thomas Nelson’s website.

To purchase this bible for your little Princess head over to Amazon or you can shop in-store at locations where most Bibles are sold.

ICB Golden Princess Sparkle Bible review

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