How We Keep Our Marriage Strong

by Crystal Carder
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This post was last updated on October 9th, 2018.

After being married for almost ten years, I have found that it takes more than just being with one another to keep a marriage strong.

Getting married is the easy part in any marriage. It’s what comes next that can make or break a marriage. Keeping marriage strong takes a lot of work and is something that must be worked on daily. 

In fact, when my husband and I got married, ten years ago, we thought being married would be easy. We only dated for a short time, but we already thought we knew everything about each other. We were wrong. After the honeymoon phase wore off, we both realized that we both did little things that annoyed the other one and with the struggles of work and life we started drifting away. 

Thankfully, we realized it pretty quickly and were able to repair our relationship, but we learned to do these simple things for one another so our marriage would stay strong. 

Cook Dinner for Him After a Long Day at Work

Nothing says you appreciate your husband more than having him come home from work to a nice home cooked meal. Cooking him a meal lets him know that you were thinking of him while he was away.

If you both work full-time jobs, consider alternating who cooks dinner  on your days off.

Wake Up Together

You would not believe the number of times someone told me they sleep while the other one gets ready for work. While it may seem nice to get extra sleep, it is kind of disrespectful to the other person. Not only does it make your spouse feel important for you to wake up with him, but it also makes him know that you care about him. With my husband, I love knowing that I am the first and last one he sees every day. Plus, if something were to happen at work, I wouldn’t feel bad for not saying goodbye.

Pack his lunch / make his coffee

My husband wakes up with just enough time to get ready for work, so making himself coffee is out of the question. Every morning he gets ready, I fight myself to get his coffee made and always send him out the door with a to-go cup. My husband not only saves
money on coffee, but he is constantly telling me how thankful he is for that coffee, especially in the wintertime.

Wait up for Him 

I’ll admit after being up for 15 hours, most days, the last thing I want to do is stay up. But, in the rare occurrence my husband has to work late, I a make sure to stay up and wait for him to get home. Not only do I get peace of mind knowing he arrived home safely,  but my husband loves winding down after a long day with me.

Spend time alone together after kids go to bed 

After taking care of 3 kids, all day, every day, I’m exhausted. But what I don’t think about is my husband is exhausted too, so planning time together after kids go to bed is one of our favorite things we do. Not only do we get time alone to talk and be adults, but it also brings us closer together since we share our thoughts and what we did that day with each other.

While I wrote this post geared towards things I do for my husband, men, you can also do these for your wife, as well – I’m sure she would LOVE it!

Now, tell me, what small things do you and your spouse do for each other to keep your marriage strong?

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