10 Year Anniversary: How We Keep Our Marriage Awesome!

by Crystal Carder
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Michael and I are celebrating 10 years of marriage and I couldn’t be more excited that our marriage has finally made it to the double digits. So many memories have been made in the last ten years, that it already feels like we’ve made it through a lifetime together.

You all, I’m not kidding you, if you’re celebrating just your first anniversary or haven’t even mad it to one year, the years go so fast. It’s literally like closing your eyes one night and waking up ten years older. Seriously do not forget to document every memory with a picture, you don’t want to regret it.

In honor of our ten year anniversary, I am sharing a post about how Michael and I keep our marriage awesome. We literally never fight, spend every waking moment together, and we still love each other more every. Single. Day.

We honestly have a marriage most people dream of, but it wasn’t always that way. An awesome marriage takes work. That’s why I am sharing these simple things you can do to make your marriage awesome too!

How We Keep Our Marriage Awesome

We’re a Team

One of the biggest things that keep our marriage awesome is being a team. Michael and I work together on everything and neither of us put one’s needs above the others, no matter what we do.

When were parenting, we talk things through before we do it. And we always make sure the to support the other one.

As a team we treat each other as equals and we never blame the other one for messing up because we are always on the same page together.

We Try New Things Together

One of the biggest things Michael and I are adamant about is trying new things together. Since we’ve got married young, we’ve experienced many of each other’s first.

No matter how out of our comfort zone one of us feels about trying something new, we always have the other one to support us and cheer each other on.

After all, they say the couple that plays together stays together. It really is true for an awesome marriage.

We Make Time for Each Other After the Kids Go to Bed

As parents many of us put our spousal relationship on the back burner. We’re tired, we’re too busy, and we just don’t have time for our spouses when we’re taking care of little ones all day. Unfortunately, this mindset can ruin an awesome marriage and make it bad.

It is important for you to make time for your spouse every day, that’s why Michael and I always stay up a little bit later to spend a few minutes together. Although this isn’t enough alone time to have an awesome marriage, making time for one another can really strengthen a bad relationship and make it good again.

how we keep our marriage awesome

We Put God First

When Michael and I got married we were fortunate that the church that married us made us do a premarital course with the pastor and his wife. During this time, we talked about a lot of marriage topics, but one thing that always stuck with me was the fact that they said their marriage almost failed because God wasn’t in it.

I never really understood what this meant, but after 10 years of marriage I now know that any marriage without God is bound to have problems.

We Talk About Everything

When it comes to marriage, communication is everything! To keep an awesome marriage, you should always talk about everything and there should never be any secrets.

You should always talk about each other’s days, things that are bothering each of you, and just life in general. Keeping communication open between the both of you helps keep your marriage strong and the bound between the two of you stronger.

We Set Boundaries, That Some May Not Approve Of

Marriage is sacred and should be protected no matter what the cost. In order to keep our marriage vows sacred, Michael and I set boundaries that some may not approve of.

We don’t talk to the opposite gender for more than business/church related things. We keep crazy social media rules and we have boundaries that neither of us will cross.

Marriage is meant to be forever, so setting boundaries keeps us from straying from one another. As insane as it may sound, it works for us. While you don’t have to set the same boundaries to have an awesome marriage, there should be some rules in a marriage that both of you aren’t willing to cross.

As Michael and I celebrate 10 years, I hope these tips will help you and your spouse celebrate many, many years together. For more tips on marriage, see my marriage tips tab the menu bar.

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how we keep our marriage awesome

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