How to Travel for Free and See the Country!

by Crystal Carder

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When Michael and I first got married and had kids, we always talked about traveling and seeing the country. But being a one income family, we thought it would never happen. We thought traveling was out of our reach. Michael didn’t make a lot of money. We barely had enough money to cover just the necessities, how were we going to travel? After years of sitting at home watching all of our friends take vacations, we knew there had to be a way. There had to be a way for a one-income family to take more vacations and we finally figured it out!

We have figured out all the ways we can travel for free or with little or no money and today I am sharing them with you! These tricks have taken me and my family on hundreds of vacations and hopefully, they will help you take your family on more! 

If you wanna know how we travel for free, check out these insanely easy tricks below.

How to Travel for Free

How we Travel for Free and you can too

Make the Most Out of Credit Card Rewards

According to the Census Bureau, 183 million Americans have a credit card. Unfortunately, many Americans who hold a credit card just aren’t getting their full potential from their credit card. Credit cards are great for lending a quick dollar, but many people don’t realize credit cards are good for things other than lending a quick dollar. If you use your credit card right, you can actually get hundreds of dollars back in cash rewards or earn free travel. 

One of my favorite credit cards, the  Chase Marriott credit card, actually rewards first-time users who sign up an additional 100,000 bonus points after making a qualifying purchase within the first 3-months.* With Chase Marriott’s bonus 100,000 points it’s like getting 3 free hotel nights at your favorite Marriott-branded hotels!

The Chase Marriott credit card isn’t the only credit card to offer high-value points for signing up. These other credit card companies offer points and/or nights for being a loyal card holder.

  • IHG Rewards Club by Chase
  • Hilton Honors Credit Card by American Express
  • Choice Hotels Credit Card by Barclay

Whenever you use credit cards to earn free travel, use the credit card to pay bills like cell phone and television and pay it off at the end of the month. This way you will earn the most rewards and be able to travel more often.

Get Free Gift Cards & Cash with Survey Companies

If you have an extra few minutes to spare, sign up to take free surveys through companies that pay you for your time. Some of my favorite survey companies include survey sites like; Mysurvey, Opinion Outpost,and Swagbucks. 

These survey companies require just a few minutes of time to take a survey and once you are done, you’re rewarded with points. These points can then be redeemed for gift cards and cash. While the surveys through these companies can take an up to 20-minutes a piece, you can use the gift cards and cash you earn to help pay for your travels, meals, and gas.

Though this option technically isn’t a way to travel for free, it is a quick and painless way to earn a few extra “free” dollars.

Try Your Luck with Sweepstakes

When I was a child, my parents won tickets to Seaworld from our local grocery store. Winning was a longshot, but if they hadn’t won, my sisters and I probably never would have had a vacation that year. That’s why sweepstakes and contest are still excellent ways to earn free travel.

Although there are more scams that go along with sweepstakes for free travel, there are still hundreds of legit contest every day for free vacations. For the best chance of winning, I suggest trying radio giveaways from your local radio stations, giveaways at local stores, and trying blogger-hosted giveaways that you can find on this site.

Start a Blog

If you’ve ever thought about blogging before, why not start a travel blog? Travel blogs are a great way to earn free travel and can lead to earning a few extra dollars to do it! While starting a blog takes a lot of work, blogging has many perks. Many bloggers even earn enough to quit their full-time, high paying jobs!

If blogging has ever crossed your mind, now is the time to try it! Blogging has literally taken off these last few years and is so much fun! I’ve blogged for over 5 years and have earned trips to some pretty amazing spots that my family wouldn’t have afforded without this blog. I even worked with places like Ripley’s in Gatlinburg & the one and only –  Disney World!

If you’ve ever felt like traveling was out of your reach, I hope this post helps you and your family. 

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