How To Stay Safe When Meeting Strangers

by Crystal Carder
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A few days ago, I wrote about how to prevent break ins and then I realized, I should have created a post on how you can stay safe when meeting strangers. Nowadays we meet strangers for almost everything we do. We use things like Uber and stay in stranger’s homes, and we don’t think twice about it. Meeting strangers can be extremely dangerous if you don’t know the proper precautions to take. 

A few months ago, my in-laws were looking into buying a new car. They were supposed to meet the seller at 5 pm in a parking lot, but when 5 pm came, the seller asked them to follow him to see the car. As they started to follow him, the car turned into an abandoned gated building. Had they not sent a text, things could have gone eerily wrong that night. 

If you are meeting a stranger, choose not to be a statistic and be smart by following these simple rules. 

Trust Your Gut

If something feels off and your gut keeps saying no, don’t go. No deal is ever worth risking your life.  

Never Meet Away From A Public Place

Public places are not guaranteed to keep you safe, but public places provide tons of witnesses if something does go wrong. For best results, meet in crowded well-lit places where it would be hard for a stranger to do something.

Bring a Friend With You

Even if you’re a tough man, you still should always travel with someone. As the old saying goes, two is always better than oneWhenever you arrive with someone else, this can make a stranger rethink any plans they may have had to attack or rob you.

Not to sound stereotypical, but if you’re older, younger, a women, or look vulnerable, you should always travel with someone else when meeting people. 

Never Follow Strangers to Stranger or Unknown Places

Again, if something feels off, just leave. Never attempt to follow a stranger to an unknown place, while it could be safe, there have been many Craigslist killings that happened because people were willing to show up at unknown places. No matter how desperate you are to get something, it isn’t worth your life.

Overthink Everything

If someone was supposed to meet you to sell a picture, but now says that he can’t fit it into his pick-up because his truck is old, think it over before you decide to follow them to their house or other unknown building.

Think about everything someone tells you and overthink it. Don’t let yourself become someone’s next victim because you never questioned what your gut kept telling you to.

Tell Somewhere Where You Are Going And Keep In Contact

No matter where you are going, or who you are meeting, always tell someone you can trust the details. This will protect you in case something does happen and help police and emergency crews determine where you may be. Keeping in contact with a friend can be as easy as a quick text message every step of the way.

Take A Picture of the License Plate or Write Down Number and Send to Your Contact(s)

If you do decide to meet someone, always take the few extra seconds to jot down a license plate number, make and model of car and any other descriptive features of the person you are meeting and immediately send them to your safety contact. This way, if something does happen, the police will have more to go on then just what you’ve told your contact.

If things begin happening too fast and you can’t jot down this information consider a quick picture and message it to your contact.

Remember, you only get one life to live and it is way too short to let some stranger take it away. Be vigilant, be smart, and plan ahead when meeting strangers.


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