How to Stay Awake During a Long Car Ride

by Crystal Carder
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Did you know Thanksgiving is one of the busiest traveling holidays of all year? That’s why this year before you get ready to head out for Thanksgiving, be sure you check out these traveling tips for how to stay awake during a long car ride.

stay awake in car on long road trips

Keep the Heat Off

Whenever you are traveling and start to feel tired, turn off the heat. Since heat can make your body relax and feel sleepy, you’re not going to want to have the heater on. Instead, wind down the window and leave a little cold air in. Even if it is a bit uncomfortable, cold air is prone to keep you awake.

Stop and Stretch

If you start to feel tired and feel like you’re going to fall asleep, stop at a rest area and stretch. Sometimes all it takes to get a second wind is standing up and walking to a bathroom. While you’re in the bathroom, you can always try throwing cold water on your face to help wake yourself up.

Don’t Overeat

Whenever you are traveling, try not to overstuff yourself. Since most people get tired after eating a full meal, you could end up feeling tired and having trouble staying awake during the rest of your drive.

Having said that, sometimes having a snack and a hot coffee with you while you drive, can help you stay awake during your drive.

Turn on the Radio

This tip can go either way. If you turn the radio on to jammy tunes, it could help you stay awake while you drive. But, if you use slow music, you could end up fighting sleep sooner than you think.

Have a Someone Stay Awake With You

If you are traveling and think you may have trouble staying awake, try to keep someone in the car awake with you. Whenever you have a friend to keep you company, they can help you tremendously.

*Remember, if these tips do not help you stay awake, do not continue to drive. Pull into a rest area and rest, if no other options are available. As always, it is better to arrive late rather than injured or worse.

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