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How to Score the Best Deals This Holiday Season


This year I have been all about online shopping. Not only because it is way more convenient, but also because I can usually find much better deals online! (Check out these other reasons too)

 While my husband may be finding my time on the internet a little too excessive, he can’t deny the deals I am scoring! Here are ways you can also save money and get an amazing deal online: USA, LLC

1. Promotional codes – Almost every store (besides Wal-Mart) offers a location at checkout to enter promotional codes. Sometimes these codes are for a certain amount off of an order or for free shipping. Discounts usually range between 10% to $50 off. As an extra tip, always try more than one promotional code at checkout. Some places (like Kohls) actually allow you to use up to 4 promotional codes at checkout.

2. Sign up for credit cards– During holidays and almost any other time of the year, certain stores offer promotions to get you to sign up for their credit card. One of my favorite places, Cableas, offers $25 in club points for new card holders. Be smart when using credit cards and never sign up for something you don’t feel comfortable with.

3. Shop an item through Google price comparison – Whenever I go to make a big purchase, I always type the item in on Google and then hit Google Shop, so I can compare prices. This not only gives me the best price, but sometimes it shows me a store that has it that is offering free shipping or has a really good promotional code offer.

4. Take advantage of store cash offers – Kohls is notorious for offering Kohls cash and during the holidays, they actually offer $15 Kohls Cash for every $50 spent, spend $100 and you will actually come out with $30 FREE CASH! Although, their cash must be spent before all other discounts*, you can actually save a ton of money and get even more stuff just by shopping during these promotions.

5. Shop online through sites like Swagbucks – Many sites like; Swagbucks and Ebates offer customers rewards just for using their site to go to your favorite store’s website and buy something. Use these sites for all of your online shopping and your points will quickly add up, earning you plenty of free gift cards.

6. Keep receipts to take advantage of price drops  – Sites like Amazon actually have a price guarantee that few people know about. If the price of an item, that you bought within the last 7 days, goes down, Amazon will actually refund you the difference.*

I save my family tons of money just by using these few simple tricks when shopping online feel free to drop a comment about how you save money when shopping!

Disclosure – please check with current policy, as policies are subject to change.

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