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How to Save Money On Your Family’s Clothes

As a growing family of five, I am always being asked how my husband and can I afford name brand clothes on just one income.

My response, “it isn’t as hard as you would think.” While it may take a little more work (and time) if you read on, this post will give you a ton of brilliant tips to help you save money on your family’s clothes too.  

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1. Shop Clearance Racks. I know most people think of clearance as last season’s leftovers, but their loss is your gain. Shopping clearance can get you high end apparel for almost nothing. Not only will you save a ton of money, but often you can make your money back by selling your new (used) clothing (once you’re done wearing it) on a place like eBay. 

2. Shop Outlet Malls – Outlet malls are my favorite places to shop. Often when you find outlets, you find big names like; North Face, Under Armour and Coach. Many times throughout the year, outlets will have huge clearance events and offer additional money off of the clearance prices! Shop outlets closer to holidays (especially Memorial Day and 4th of July) to rack up even bigger savings.

3. End of Season Sales – End of season sales are some of my most favorite sales to shop. At the end of winter and summer most stores mark their winter/summer apparel down to almost nothing. Some of the best deals I’ve scored in the past are $1 outfits at Dollar General and $2 outfits at Sears.

4. Clothing Giveaways – You shouldn’t ever be too proud to go to clothing giveaways, in fact, most of them are for anyone and opened to the public. Clothing giveaways are great for finding kid’s clothing, just remember the earlier you get there the better. Also, if you want to feel better about taking clothes always ask about how you can donate for future giveaways.

5. Hand-me-downs from Relatives and Friends – I have friends who barely ever buy their children clothes, but yet their children are always dressed nicely. These friends have learned the art of hand-me downs. By handing down their baby’s grown out clothing or selling them for a small fee, you can easily get name-brand clothing for free or next to nothing.

6. Yard Sales – Every summer, I flock to the yard sales because you can always find name brand clothing for next to nothing. Normally, I’ll pay .50 a piece for kid’s sleepers and clothing separates, while I find adult clothing for less than $ 2 a piece. This is a really good deal considering new or at Goodwill you will pay a lot more!

How do you save money on your family’s clothes?

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