Resell Your Kids Clothes With the Kidizen Free App

by Crystal Carder
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This post contains affiliate links. As a Kidizen seller, I receive a small amount of money whenever you sign up using my code. Thank you for supporting my blog!

Kids grow out of clothes so fast! It’s like one day you’re buying them an expensive pair of tennis shoes and the next they are telling you their too small. It’s like if only you could resell those clothes for real money…

With the Kidizen app you can do just that! Unlike other online selling platforms Kidizen is specifically for kids clothes and mommy clothes!

Resell Your Kids Clothes With the Kidizen Free App 81

Sign up to Kidizen with code xyd2f to get $5 off your first purchase.

To get started all you have to do is download the free Kidizen app and create an account to get started. Use code xyd2f when signing up an get $5 off your first purchase! Once your account is set up, you are ready to sell or buy. 

Resell Your Kids Clothes With the Kidizen Free App 82

If you choose to sell, listing your items is simple. Just simply click on the sell logo at the bottom of the Kidizen app. Hit create a listing and add your item’s details and pictures. Add a price and Kidizen will tell you how much you will make on your item before you list!

Shipping on Kidizen isn’t quite as easy as Poshmark, but you do have more freedom in choosing your ship price. With Kidizen you can ship via First Class Mail or Priority Mail.

Getting Paid on Kidizen

Out of all the selling apps, Kidizen makes getting paid the easiest! As soon as your item ships and starts tracking, Kidizen releases your funds and you get your money! Though your money goes into your Kidizen account, you can cash out at any time, though there is a small $1 fee for cashing out any money below $15.

Ready to get started on Kidizen or want to join other Kidizen sellers? Join my Facebook group for all things Kidizen related.

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