How to Make Your Yard Sale a Success!

by Crystal Carder
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Wa-hoo! Who doesn’t love catching a deal or two at a yard sale? I know I do. If you’re planning on throwing a yard sale this season and you’re looking to make a quick buck, check out these tips on how to make your yard sale a success.

How to Make Your Yard Sale a Success! 81

It’s officially yard sale season and one of my favorite times of the year. For many people it is also the time of the year when they are trying to decide whether or not to keep their stuff or to get rid of it. Although there are many ways to get rid of that unwanted clutter, having a yard sale is one of the best ways.

Tips for Throwing a Successful Yard Sale


Whenever I see a yard sale pop-up on my Facebook feed, I stop, look, and read. Even if I am not looking for anything in particular, I sometimes want something to do, so I plan on going to that yard sale on that day.

The most successful way to advertise your yard sale is by posting signs/ advertisements on social media, telephone poles, and through word-of-mouth. I recommend using these techniques at least three days in advanced because most people who visit yard sales are already looking.

While you can advertise your yard sale in the newspaper, it can be costly, and less efficient than advertising for free on social media and telephone poles.

Pick the Perfect Day

With yard sales there are some days that are better than others to throw a yard sale. For example, throwing a yard sale on a rainy day is probably pointless. Most people stop looking when the rain starts falling, so having your yard sale on a sunny day would be best.

Also, as a role of thumb, I recommend only throwing yard sales between Thursday-Sunday. I personally never look for a yard sale any other day and have found yard sales thrown between Monday-Wednesday do not do as well.

Take Notice of Events in Your Area

If your town is known for some big festival and you live where all the cars have to pass to get there, be sure to throw your yard sale then. Out-of-towners love a good yard sale and having a ton of traffic past your sale can really make all the difference.

Look Clean

Nothing turns me off more than a yard sale that is dirty. It seriously does not matter how many people you get to your yard sale, if you are dirty, you’re probably not going to be that successful. I recommend dusting off any knickknacks, washing clothes, and wiping away any dirt and grime that you can before you start your yard sale.

Don’t Over Price

If your yard sale is drawing attention and getting a lot of traffic, but you’re still not making the sells, check the prices. Yard sales are meant to help you get rid of your clutter, not let people get ripped off. If you are selling your stuff for the price of new, people are probably going to realize it and not buy from you – even if you have amazing stuff.

What are some things you do to make your yard sale successful? 

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