How To Make the Adjustment of a Puppy Easier With Kids

by Crystal Carder
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Whenever you have kids, adding anything new to the mix, can be stressful. That’s why we waited to get a puppy until the kids were old enough and we thought they were ready. We did lots of research on what kind of puppy to get, what we wanted in a dog, and how each breed was with kids. One thing, that we realized pretty quickly was that we didn’t research how to make the adjustment of a new puppy easier with kids.

Those first few weeks after we got our 3-pound Yorkie, named Teddy, were so stressful. The kids would often forget to help out and I felt like I never got a break.

Unfortunately, it took a while to make the adjustment of adding a new pup to our family less stressful and I learned so many things on the way. That’s why I wanted to share these tips for how you and your family can make the adjustment of adding a new puppy to the family easier.

Involve the Kids In Every Day Puppy Chores

One of the first mistakes we made when we added Teddy to our family, was not having the kids help with his chores. My husband and I took it upon ourselves to do everything for Teddy and we found out, pretty fast, that we couldn’t handle it.

Puppies are a full-time job and they need a lot of attention, so when you’re busy taking care of three kids in the house, chances are you’re going to want all the help you can get.

Assigning simple chores to young children like; feeding, grooming, and cleaning up toys are perfect ways to help you and your family make the adjustment of adding a new puppy easier.

For older kids, they can always be more helpful and help by taking the puppy out to the bathroom or bathing him.

Allow for Bonding Time With Every One

I often joke that Teddy has already chosen his person and it’s my daughter, but in reality, he loves all the kids equally. One thing that I have found helps the kids to want to do things with Teddy is by allowing each one to bond with him. At nighttime, we alternate whose bed Teddy gets to sleep in. While during the day and whenever we go on car rides, we make sure that Teddy gets equal time with each of them.

Equal bonding has really helped the kids to feel like Teddy is theirs and it makes them want to spend time with him.

Shop Affordable Pet Items at Target

Whenever you add a new puppy to the family, it is important that your kids feel involved in the process. This can be done by allowing your children help to pick out their puppy and by involving them in the process of shopping for all of the new puppy’s needs. 

My kids and I personally love to shop for all of Teddy’s needs at Target. With Target’s affordable prices, we can easily find everything we need for Teddy at a fraction of the cost of other stores. Plus, shopping there is so much fun; we rarely leave with just the things we came in for.

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Since Target has such a wide selection of pet care items and toys, I usually let each of the kids pick out something special for Teddy and give it to him whenever we get back home. Even though we probably spoil Teddy too much with all the fun new toys Target constantly gets, the kids and I look forward to shopping at Target just to shop in the pet care section.

Feed Your Dog the Right Food for Less Frustration

When it comes to feeding your dog, you should always make sure they are eating the right food to avoid digestion issues, lack of energy, and a lack of vitamins; that’s why we feed Teddy Purina ONE® Classic Ground Beef & Brown Rice Entree Wet Dog Food.

For Teddy, Purina ONE® Classic Ground Beef & Brown Rice Entree Wet Dog Food is one of the only pet foods I trust. 

Unlike other brands, with Purina ONE® Classic Ground Beef & Brown Rice Entree Wet Dog Food, every ingredient has a purpose and everything that goes into this food works together to provide balanced nutrition for your pet. 

Although Teddy is still a puppy, Purina ONE® products come in formulas for all life stages and are available in both wet and dry varieties. I personally shop for Purina ONE® Classic Ground Beef & Brown Rice Entree Wet Dog Food and other varieties at Target in the pet food aisle.

With Target’s great prices, I know I am getting the best prices and they always have the best selection of pet food for my Teddy. Target is even offering a coupon to buy Purina ONE® pet food, just be sure to print your coupon from 9/19-10/13 and get a FREE $5 Target GiftCard™ with a Purina pet food, litter, and/or treats purchase of $25 or more. 

Take the Purina ONE® 28-day challenge and you could see a difference in 28 days when you make the switch to Purina ONE®. Sign up now to get a $3 off coupon and a personalized food recommendation for your pet.

If you are in the process of adding a new puppy to your family, these tips will help your family tremendously, but if you are looking for more Purina ONE® Inspiration, just click HERE to see some more ideas.

What are some ways you helped to make the adjustment of a puppy easier with kids?

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