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How to Keep Kids Entertained In The Car

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Have you ever tried to go on a ride, but your kids weren’t having it?  By the time you got 10-miles from home, you couldn’t help but wonder why on earth you decided to go anywhere?! As a mom of three, I’ve been there and I know those times are tough. Keeping Kids entertained in the car doesn’t have to be stressful, it can actually be pretty fun. This post will share how I personally keep my young children entertained in the car and help you master road trips with kids.

Keeping Kids Entertained in the Car

Whether you’re trying to keep baby entertained in the back of the car or keeping toddlers entertained in the car, this post will give you 7 tips that will actually help keep your kids happy during car rides.

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Grab the Snacks

One of my favorite things about traveling, are the snacks that usually come with it. I love road trip snacks and so do my kids, that’s why I always make sure to bring snacks during car rides. Kids get hungry and nothing is worse than the crankiness hunger usually brings. Making sure your children have snacks and a small drink in the car can save you money and keep your kids from fighting. 

Bring out the Games

My kids are at that awesome stage in their lives when games are fun. Whenever we get into the car, my husband and I always try to think up some creative game that encourages our children to play together and learn. Some creative games we play are; I Spy, the license plate game, and count how many… 

Not only does playing games together keep our children happy in the backseat, but it also encourages me to stay off my phone and enjoy more quality family time together.

We Crank Up the Music

No car ride is complete without some sort of music. I usually play music from my favorite VIBBIDI app, but whatever music I play, my kids and I usually start our own listener-request hour and we listen to music for hours. Playing music during car rides not only makes it fun, but my kids have actually found their own love for music because of it.

For more fun ways to keep kids entertained in the car with music, I suggest family karaoke or for younger children, playing funny kid YouTube songs through the radio – my kids LOVE Honeybear.

Pack Toys

My kids won’t go anywhere without at least one of their favorite toys and I don’t expect them to leave their toys at home during a car trip. Not only do toys keep children entertained in a car, but they also encourage children to use their imaginations and play together.

Although, toys can sometimes cause a bit of bickering in the backseat, I recommend making sure you let children bring their favorite small toys so they aren’t completely bored in the backseat. Be sure NOT to bring toys like balls and other things that can be repeatedly dropped, as it may not be safe to have to keep picking them up and may cause your child to get upset if you can’t get to it.

Grab the crayons and drawing boards

My children love to color and I find it usually keeps them entertained for hours at a time. During car trips, I recommend bringing a small pack of crayons and a coloring book so your kids can color and draw.

If you’re afraid crayons may cause too much of a mess, grab a drawing board or (affiliate link) [amazon_textlink asin=’B01FZMOUQM’ text=’boogie board’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’cryscard-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’646cac5c-17f5-11e8-bfc4-9170a423f191′]

Use Technology

I remember when I was growing up, some cars actually had a built-in DVD player and it was so awesome. Nowadays, I think DVD’s are becoming a bit more obsolete, so DVD players aren’t being used as much. But, if your child has a tablet to play on, I recommend bringing it. This is probably the best way to keep your children entertained and happy in the car, so be sure to add fun, educational games and download some movies off of Netflix for them.

If you’re not sold on bringing technology with for car rides, find out why I let my children use technology during road trips HERE.

Travel During Naptime

Last, but not least, if none of these suggestions work for your family, try traveling at nap time, nighttime or any other time of the day when your child may be sleeping. Since your child will be sleeping, you can be sure they will be happy for most of the driving trip.

Just be sure, if you are driving during nighttime, that you are also well-rested so you don’t fall asleep too.

That’s how our family keeps our kids happy in the car, what are some ideas your family uses?

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