How to Help a Sick Spouse

by Crystal Carder
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Marriage is until death does you part. There’s no backing out once you say those two magic words, I do. It’s all about being there, literally until death does you part.

You don’t really think I about that kind of stuff much when you’re first married. Dying isn’t really something most young people even want to think about, the fact of the matter is, life happens. Spouses get sick and before you know it, you’re head over hills in stress and worry wondering, how can you help your sick spouse?

A few months ago, my Michael ended up getting sick. He had chest pains and he literally thought he was having a heart attack. Of course, it was dark and foggy, and the closest hospital is 45 miles no matter which way we go, so I was stuck driving. I was doing my best to get Michael to a hospital, but before I knew it, he said I was driving to slow and demanded to call an ambulance instead. He seriously thought he was dying.

When we got to the hospital, the doctors were concerned because Michael has been a type one diabetic for 29 years and apparently that causes all sorts of problems, so they kept him in observation. Fast forward four months and Michael is still no closer to feeling better.

He’s been getting test left and right. Visiting doctors and the closest people are coming up with is asthma, except asthma medicine, isn’t helping and all the test show he has no asthma.

So while we deal with that fiasco, I’m thinking about others who may be in the same ordeal. It’s so stressful! That’s why I’ve decided to share these tips on how to help your spouse when they are sick.

How to Help a Sick Spouse

How to Help a Sick Spouse 81

Whenever the person you love becomes sick, it can be an overwhelming experience. That’s why I hope these tips can help keep your relationship growing instead of diminishing.

Don’t Get Angry

Whenever you are dealing with a sick spouse, there’s bound to be endless trips to the hospital, overwhelming doctor bills, and numerous plans canceled. While you may think you would never get angry at your spouse for getting sick, it can be frustrating to be at the doctor’s all the time and still not be any closer to a diagnosis.

Instead of getting angry, or upset with your spouse, try to stay empathetic and realize he doesn’t want to be at the doctor’s any more than you want to be there.

Be Supportive of Each Other

Whenever you are helping a sick spouse, it is important that both of you are supportive of each other. Communicate with one another and share what you are both feeling. When your spouse is sick, it’s important to realize you’re both going through things, not just the sick spouse.

Though, he may physically be sick, having a sick spouse can be mentally draining and without support from one another things can get really messed up. It is important to put yourself on both sides and try to be as supportive as you can when you’re dealing with something as scary as having a sick spouse.

Pray Together

Many people who get sick deal with the daunting question, why me? They focus so much on that question, that they either turn to God or focus away from God. Whenever your spouse is sick, it’s important to grow together as a couple and pray together and not grow apart.

As a couple praying together is one of the best things you can do for each other. Though God’s will may not be to heal your sick spouse, know that there is a reason for everything. Pray for strength, healing, and tolerance and know that His will will be done.

While there may not be any right or wrong way to react when you’re dealing with a sick a spouse, your marriage can grow stronger when you work together during this hard time in your life.

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