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Eating Better on a Busy Schedule with Tyson® Available at Sam’s Club

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Tell me I’m not the only one who struggles with eating healthy. I lead such a busy schedule, that I often find myself indulging in foods that are not good for me. It’s not the lifestyle I want to lead. I want to eat healthy recipes and still be able to enjoy food that is good. Thankfully, Tyson Grilled and Ready® Chicken and Tyson® Frozen Chicken Breast are there for me.

Tyson® makes it so easy to enjoy my favorite better-for-you recipes that even on a busy schedule I can still make foods that I feel good about eating.

Eating Better on a Busy Schedule

If you are looking for ways to eat better on a busy schedule, these tips will keep you from indulging on unhealthy foods and indulging on better for you meals that help you feel good about what you are eating. 

Meal Prep

I was never a fan of meal prepping until I found Tyson Grilled and Ready®.

Tyson Grilled and Ready® is already pre-cooked, so I can use it for some of my favorite meals like; chicken rice bowls and chicken salads and I never have to go through the hassle of cooking it beforehand.

When I add Tyson Grilled & Ready® to my meal prepping bowls, I can easily make better for you meals for the week without spending too much extra time on them. My family loves all the delicious meals they get and I love how we are eating delicious chicken recipes without all the excess time and effort.

Create a Dinner Calendar

One mistake I’ve always made when it comes to making a healthier dinner was not planning ahead. Creating a dinner calendar allows me to plan meals for weeks at a time and even eases my grocery list.

When shopping for your dinner calendar, I love using Tyson® Frozen Chicken Breasts for any time I make a meal that calls for chicken breast. Unlike other chicken brands, Tyson® Frozen Chicken Breasts is 100% all natural, minimally processed and has no artificial ingredients.

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I feel good eating Tyson® Frozen Chicken Breasts and the packs are resealable, so I can make as much, or as little as I want.

Shop Prepackaged

Normally, I would never recommend prepackaged foods as a way to eat better, but sometimes you really don’t have the time to eat healthier. For times like this, I recommend purchasing another one of my favorite breakfast items, Jimmy Dean Delights® English Muffin. These muffins not only save me time and energy, but they taste delicious too! With egg white, turkey sausage, and a whole grain muffin, I can eat a breakfast that I feel good about eating.

If you are ready to start eating better on your busy schedule, you can buy Tyson® and Jimmy Dean® at one of my favorite retailers, Sam’s Club. As a Sam’s Club member, I not only save time and money, but I can easily find everything I need to eat healthier.

Eating better on a busy schedule #ad



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