How To Ease The Stress Of Vacation

by Crystal Carder
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This past weekend, you may have seen an adorable update on my Instagram with my 3 children at Burger King: and,  if you read the caption, you may have noticed I said we were on a road trip?

Well in case you’re wondering why I never posted about that trip, I didn’t forget about you guys, our trip just turned out to be a failure.

We never made it to our destination, instead, we got stuck two hours away from Lexington, Kentucky, in the small town of Huntington, West Virginia. What my family thought would be a small detour to see the University of Marshall, turned into our car’s brake lines busting and, us stuck inside of a car garage.

Had we not just assumed our car would be fine for the trip, we may have made it the whole way to Lexington, but instead, we ended up breaking our children’s hearts and having to reschedule our trip for later down the road.


Rather than, just ignore the stresses of vacation, or forget about them, here are some ways you can prepare for vacation without adding excess stress. 

Stress Vacation

Save Early

Vacations can become pretty costly, especially if you end up having an unexpected problem like we did. Help ease the stress of having enough money on vacation by planning as far out in advance as you can.

If having a vacation just doesn’t fit your budget, try these tips that help you travel for FREE!

Do Simple Maintenance on Your Car

Be sure to have someone who knows what they are doing check your car’s fluid levels, tires and brakes. Keeping your car mechanically sound before your vacation can save you hundreds; considering the price of a tow truck and garage work. Whenever you are traveling with kids, it is very important to keep your car safe.

Create a List of Important Stuff You Need

Packing is probably one of my least favorite things to do before vacation, but as a mom, it always seems to fall on me. Pack like a pro by creating a list of essential items that you need days before you leave. Keep this list near you, check it, double check it, and triple check it before you leave. Some things to include on this list are:

  • Medications
  • Makeup
  • Toothbrush/ toothpaste
  • Favorite blankies and toys
  • Cameras and chargers

Traveling with a toddler? Check out my list of what to pack a toddler for vacation.

Give Advanced Notice to Work & School

Not only will this probably keep you from getting fired, but letting your work know you plan on being gone X amount of days, isn’t that big of a deal; most employers even offer special time off for these occasions. And, if you have a huge workload, sometimes the employer will pass this workload onto someone else while you are gone, so you don’t come back and feel overwhelmed.

When it comes to telling the school your child will be gone for X amount of days, be upfront and let them know why. If the school decides they don’t want to approve your child’s days off, you can always attempt to get your trip approved by the board of education by making it an educational field trip.

Book a Hotel that has it All

Hampton INN Logo

Finding a hotel that has it all on any vacation is important; that’s why I was counting on the Hampton Inn Medical Center in Lexington, Kentucky to make our trip the most memorable.

Hampton Inn Lexington Kentucky

Enjoy a warm welcome as you end a weary day of travel.

The Hampton Inn Lexington Medical Center truly had everything my family needed to have the perfect stress-free vacation; including, a five-star rating on Tripadvisor. This hotel is located right in the Heart of Lexington, so there were so many fun things to do, nearby.

Spread out in your queen sized bed and enjoy no interruptions.

The rooms looked modern and clean, so there was never a need to worry about bringing extra blankets and towels, just in case. After all, I’m pretty sure that room looks cleaner than my boy’s room, just saying.

Stay connected with free access to our business center.

And, even though, I try not to stress on vacation and do work, this hotel had a really nice looking business room. If I’m not mistaken, I’m almost positive that’s a Mac computer beside the Windows computer.  Hampton sure knows how to stay up-to-date with the latest technology!

Then there’s this amazing pool. Even if it would have been closed while we were there, the kids and I would have loved to take a swim in that pool! That water shooting from side to side would sure make a summer swim more refreshing. 

Of course, the make or break part of any hotel booking – the continental breakfast, this Hampton Inn had it! And, I’m not just talking the breakfast where you are given the choice of a bagel or a pop-tart, I’m talking a full HOT breakfast! How much stress would have that breakfast took away?!

I’m a little bummed our family didn’t quite make it to Lexington this time to stay at this Hampton Inn, but we’re determined to get there soon. Who knows, maybe we’ll make this a birthday trip for the kids in April? Either way, the Hampton Inn Lexington Medical Center in Kentucky would be a great stay for anyone, especially families.

How does your family ease the stress of vacation before and after?

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